From Tenerife transport with mules to vans and buses.

Tenerife transport since the Guanche conquest went a long way. It started with boats and ships on the ocean. Mules and horses with or without carriages crossed the land which was often on the Kings highway called Camino Real. The most typical was how the Cochinero went about to get his merchandise all over the island. What is a Cochinero?

The Cochineros of Icod el Alto

Our friend Modesto from Icod el Alto talks with much passion about a long gone era of his past. His dad was one of few Cochineros which were traveling salesmen. They dealt in live piglets. They packed the animals into sturdy 'Cesta' baskets which flanked each side of a mule. Then the pig dealer climbed with his cargo animal up the Monte to take a short cut across the Cañadas del Teide. Eventually, he reached his base of customers who always expected his arrival eagerly. The journey was hard and cumbersome.

The last Cochinero transported his live cargo with a delivery van. He had made the money for the vehicle in Venezuela.

Now, that profession has died out. Mules have become a very rare means of Tenerife transport. A monument pays tribute to the Cochineros near the church of Icod el Alto of Los Realejos.

Roads and freeways for Tenerife transport

More good road ways including the legendary one of 1996 to the mountain village Masca were built last century. Actually, the European Union is to be thanked for it, and if only indirectly. It helped to make better transport of people, goods and livestock possible on the biggest Canary Island.

Good multi lane motorways and according better infrastructure were not only important for tourism but, also, for all resident bus travelers and, for a better environment

What about transport with buses?

You will know, in case you ever traveled by bus in Northern Africa or in the Middle East that people even load their goats, chicken and other small beast into a bus, boat or train. But, not in Tenerife... There, buses were not introduced before 1975. Then, norms were ready to be taken over from northern regions. Hence, no animals are allowed for Titsa transport. A caged domestic pet may however use the cargo hole of the vehicle, unless it's a guide dog.

Depicted is a modern half size Titsa bus which was built in the new Millenium. Its shape and people capacity is convenient for the route 947 Chamorga of the Anaga Massif, as there is less demand for travel. Speaking of modern day transport for Tenerife mind the news for South Tenerife of July 2015.

The new Cabildo President wants to treat the entire south like a mega-city with superb Titsa bus services. More about it at the end of this article.


Titsa transport history

Titsa came into being in 1978. It wasn't always managed by the Cabildo the Tenerife Government but, is so lately. New changes are under way, again.

Titsa with its total staff of 1600 employees in the past has been serving 3600 bus stops until 2007. Its 500 buses transported about 50 million residents as well as tourists until then.

Train commuting of the Tenerife past

They say that an electric train existed once between Puerto de la Cruz and the capital at the beginning of last century.

People lost interest in it after cars became all the rage. However, a growing population, tourism and congested roads demanded alternative transport again since the year 2000.

The new tram of Tenerife

Inauguration of the new Tranvia electric tram in Santa Cruz was on 2nd of June 2007 from Santa Cruz to Los Rodeos airport.

Free tram rides were offered on the first two days, as was reported by the magazine El Opinión.

From May 17, 2008 onwards, free Wifi in trams was introduced. It is not impossible that this service has been stopped again.

Via the latest Titsa app for online payment

This is perhaps the most revolutionary introduction for bus transport.The latest for i-phone and most android versions allows for cheaper monthly tariffs. There are two options. The more expensice one allows changing directions twice.

From Tenerife transport history back to Tenerife transport

A total new philosophy for getting around by bus in South Tenerife

16 new bus lines for Tenerife South from July 24, 2015 onwards. They will be mostly for the South hospital and for the airport.

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