Could Realejo Alto El Horno be a health hazard?

Realejo Alto the upper Realejos is a true paradise of Tenerife nature futher up there by El Horno El Mocán.

Its coastal and vineyard views of part of the Orotava valley are breath taking. However, you may not know all about it. Flowers, pines, cedars and Sabina trees abound in green valleys where occasional horses graze and roll happily on earth or grass.

A gentleman in his fifties who looks very fit took on the track up the slopes via Calle Las Toscas to get to the Bodega Los Guines a former Realejo Guachinche .

When walking to Realejo Alto is not heart healthy.

His heart specialist gave him a long lecture, afterwards. Why? The man's heart is enlarged and its valve is damaged as well. He must avoid exhausting walks and hikes always, above all during hot lunch hours, the doctor said. Taking on the hill to El Horno up and down is also sheer poison for mobility issues by worn out knees and hips.

Is El Horno region a must see?

That's a good question. Indeed, it's not part of Tenerife Rural that features in tourist brochures.

Not many picturesque traditional Canary houses, as the one shown are left on this track. However,  backyards hide many stunning surprises.

Besides, there's the beautiful upper track of Calle Toscas Romera the Calle la Romera.  There, nature makes up for the lack of urban attractions with the breath taking gorges Barranco del Horno, Barranco Viñático or El Saltadero.

Getting around El Horno

Residents of the region who renew the ITV license of their motor vehicles know it for its one way roads. Driving uphill from Calle El Sol gets you via Calle El Horno to the Poligano sports fields and  ITV testing grounds. Paseo Los Guines connects with the steep winding motorway Toscas del Romero. The latter takes you back down the hill into main Realejos with its shops and much more.

See this circular way for driving around el Horno Mocán of Upper Realejo here.

Historical Realejo Alto

You may know that this famous location together with its regions higher up were fused with Realejo Bajo in 1955. This article on Realejo Bajo gives more information about this.

Otherwise, you discover other Realejos suburbs, art, history, fiestas, festivals, beaches and much more via links at the main page of Los Realejos.

From Realejos Alto back to Los Realejos

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