Tenerife tourist attractions by rooftop restaurants or bars.

There are all sorts of Tenerife tourist attractions you may not have thought about.

Just lately, the market seems to have discovered that roof top restaurants and bars may be part of them.

This is all because people are not allowed to smoke inside public places any more.

So rooftops are in vogue now. They are more than a must for romantic vacations or just for special occasions.

It's lovely to gaze at traditional fishing boats that are part of an idyllic roof view towards the romantic, old  Muelle the former fishing harbor of Orotava.

The place featured is the Tapas rooftop restaurant Cayaya which is also found under the Category of cheap Tenerife restaurants.

Assets of Rooftop restaurants

  • Better ocean, mountain and city views as well as sundowns.
  • Harbor views Puerto de la Cruz, such as
    by the the now closed Cayaya with rooftop restaurant which was remodeled
    for outside meals 'al fresco', in summer 2011.
  • More privacy for celebrations of small family events, such as birthdays or similar events.

Other restaurants or bars on top of roofs which attract Tenerife tourists

  • Harry's Bar is known as one of most popular tourist attractions by a sensational musical fountain at Playa de las Americas. Find it
    captured by Tenerife pictures of Arona
    where good roof restaurants are nearby.
  • Bar Alberto of Tenerife bars is not on a roof but, it competes by its breath taking veranda lookout high above Puerto de la Cruz.

The Puerto Cruz Cofradia with its rooftop

  • Fishermen guild's Restaurante La Cofradia
  • Exhibition type: art with fishing scenes, model ships,
    antique Tenerife fishing photography and fishing gear
  • Where Calle las Lonchas,05 Cofradia Fishermen' guild and restaurant, Puerto Cruz next to one of Tenerife's most beautiful tourist offices by the harbor

Tenerife tourist attractions of hotel roof tops

  • My unforgettable Easter 1997 vacation with the Hotel Valle Mar Puerto Cruz rooftop with great views of Martianez pools, San Telmo and more. This roof terrace  with  swimming pool under the clouds is even more attractive now.
  • A most stunning Orotava roof veranda is shown above. It belongs to Hotel Rural Victoria. It's my second favorite hotel rooftop, as it's so laid back. No pool is there but, absolutely breath taking views of a Spanish town of the finest by the deep blue sea. Also ask Richard Etherington who is one of best Tenerife hotel chefs to send you some delicious food to the roof.
  • Monika Sur hotel azotea by the South airport.
  • Italian roof garden at Adeje Restaurant La Nonna of Hotel Iberostar El Mirador Tenerife
  • A roof terrace high up where the falcon flies over Orotava beaches at a bar in a paradise setting
  • Hotel Semiramis La Paz the seminar Hotel with its roof amenities
  • The roof top bar of Hotel Valle Mar Puerto Cruz with its pool with a magic views of Lago Martianez and the ocean beyond

  • The Beatles roof top concert

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