What about this amazing ladies restaurant in Tenerife Puerto Cruz?

The ladies restaurant Restaurante El Limon of the biggest of all Canary Islands is special. Discover more than its mysterious street facade at night. Its elegant building is just off the most walked Tenerife North pedestrian passage Calle Quintana behind the old Church square whose tall bell tower is not to be overlooked. The restaurant certainly has romantic flair from outside which is a big plus with the gender folks.

Where Find this ladies restaurant?

Behind Café Ebano one of best vintage examples
C/.Esquivel Esq.Benjamín J.Miranda
38400 Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife - Spain.
Tel.: 922 381619.

Of course theoretically, there is no ladies only restaurant and this Vegetarian place is open for men and children with families too.

Why do I dub this vegan fast food place with its classic restaurant decoration a hangout for ladies?

Look at this elegant restaurant with a very tall room and stylish windows. Mind its white bentwood chairs, as are depicted beside...They have dark blue seat cushions. Men generally don't care about such comfort but, women highly appreciate little extras like that.

What about management and staff?

Imagine that all the staff of this Ladies restaurant is energetic, young and female. This includes the waitress. Go there and see the other two of its members working in the open plan kitchen which is partly hidden by columns.

Remarkable female restaurant attendance percentage

Indeed, young Spanish girls occupied almost all of the 30 tables, when a friend and I were eating Vegan there.

Hence, we had vegetables only and no meat, fish, poultry or dairy. Females made up about 96 per cent of the guests at the El Limon Restaurant Puerto de la Cruz on that night. All those Spanish women were not older than 35. Only a couple of men who didn't seem to be more than forty years old sat with their spouses and a baby near the restaurant fridges. All were dressed in modern fashion and were amazingly slim and good looking.

Later on I talked to a gay friend. He confirmed that the Restaurante El Limon Tenerife is indeed a big hit with the ladies but that you see the odd male student in it, too.

Any change in customers and more by 2023?

A friend and I had lunch at Restaurant El Limon in March 2023. Tiny snips of Aubergine, Zucchinis and Carrots had been stir-fried and topped with cheese, while Tofu could be made out, too. We were glad to also have ordered some delicious freshly made French fries. Otherwise, we could still have been hungry. Price according to quantity takes some getting used to because of inflation. A fact we could clearly make out, though,  was a rise in male looking customers.  On cheerful looking yellow chairs outside on the street terrace were remarkably more mixed couples. Also, two male faces were showing up  in the windows within the premises. My friend confirmed: "Definitely not as much a ladies restaurant only, as before".

The neighborhood of the Ladies Restaurant of Puerto Cruz

The beautiful Tenerife boutique next to the Vegetarian Ladies hang-out was gone by 2023. However, the top Spanish graffity which is rather legitimate alarming Tenerife street art right next to the restaurant remains as an intact mural. Opposite, an Argentinian eating place is now on the same cobble stone street. This small South American alternative with its many dishes remains to be tried, in case its neighbor where reservations are not possible doesn't offer any more seating.

Are ladies fans of meat substitutes and more?

Pardon me for musing so much about this topic.

Would all last mentioned facts be an inclination that this restaurant is preferred by young women because they like vegetarian food more than men? Also, it really looked like the diet that was preferred in this restaurant helped to stay slim.

Or does it mean that all those trendy female Tinerfeños which we saw had much environmental awareness which made them anti meat, poultry and seafood? Obviously, they all preferred meat substitutes for a healthy diet. It is natural that the woman has more empathy for young animals by mother instincts. So she may refuse them easier as food. Therefore, it makes sense that the 'Restaurante el Limon' is a favorite 'Ladies restaurant'.

By the way, this relaxing noise free Restaurant called El Limón also has fairly good assortment of wine and beer.

Your opinion counts

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