Tenerife maps are vital, above all one with bus routes.

Double click the first of Tenerife maps to find bus routes from Puerto de la Cruz to Icod el Alto.

This map goes hand in hand with another one which will be explained afterwards.

The local bus company Titsa forgot to add some bus directions in this vital  map for some reason. In fact, I had to add Icod el Alto with its bus routes 391 and 354.

The Titsa bus map only showed La Guancha as well as Los Realejos and Puerto de la Cruz where both bus lines depart. The bus 391 which is now included is a night bus. It departs every hour from Puerto de la Cruz until about midnight.

It is interesting that 'Por la montaƱa (through the mountain) is written on the front of the bus. Indeed, this bus stops at all mountain villages from La Orotava right up to Icod el Alto. From there it returns back to Los Realejos Alto and drives down to La Longuera Toscal. Then, it continues back to Puerto de la Cruz.

Bus times of Tenerife's so called guaguas are subject to frequent change. Therefore, please consult them by free new route maps, every time you arrive on Tenerife Island.

You get them from Titsa at the so called bus mile by the former bus station.

The whole journey from the latter to  Longuera Toscal takes 1,5 hours, while about 75 minutes get you to the upper Icod.

Meantime the regular day bus nr.354 from Puerto Cruz brings you to Icod el Alto within about 30 minutes, while 50 minutes to 1 hour will deliver you at the final destination Icod de los Vinos which is 19 km by the shorter coastal road the freeway TF5.

Therefore, one saves much time by car rental Tenerife, unless you are never ever in a hurry and are spending long holidays in Tenerife. Certainly, you must take the mountain road for sight seeing or to get to places near it.

Map for viewpoint La Corona

Look at the other one of important maps of Tenerife which also centers around Icod el Alto. However this map helps you to continue to la Corona from Icod El Alto.

Notice the petrol station mark at one end of the village, which is about 1 km from the viewpoint El Lance. There, a small country road goes almost straight up off the main road to a lookout which is marked Mirador La Corona. This landmark of  Realejos above Icod el Alto is famous for the Tenerife North paragliding club. The members of this adventure sports asscociation jump from La Corona viewpoint and move their gliders towards different directions. Their various options are marked on paragliding route maps which you find exhibited behind glass at this flight centre called Mirador (lookout) La Corona.

You see, there are maps for everything, even for an adventure sport.

From Tenerife maps back to Icod el Alto.

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