Why Iberia Express in North Tenerife is amazing.

Iberia Express has enchanted the Tenerife holiday home insider. It took her quite a while to decide to tell others online about it.  Probably, few will ever find it online. There's so much competition. Why?  So many travel companies do Internet marketing to sell flight tickets.

In fact, following is a review by her from years ago. Since then, there was no chance to catch an express flight again from the North.

So just in case you want the latest Iberia news for 2018 here they are. But don't forget to read her review as well.

Perhaps, enough demand will bring the Iberia Express travel back for good. P.S. A friend went with the same low cost Iberia from TFN Los Rodeos via Madrid to London and then to Sardenia and back in July 2018. He was delighted. Perhaps London via Genua to Sardenia. I must ask again.

An airline with discounts for large families.

Indeed, this air business is extraordinary.
    Also, the elderly and people who live on their own in the North will appreciate it much.

Transit to get to the Los Rodeos airport is so much shorter for them than the way to the South airport.  Most welcome will be all direct flights from Tenerife to London with Heathrow and Gatwick scheduled.

Sometimes though,  a stop over at Madrid Barajas can't be avoided. Usually then, with plenty transit time to avoid a rush.      

Relaxed travel with ideal flight departures at Iberia Express.

Stress free travel is now possible by very convenient flight departure times.   This is thanks to the smaller airport of Los Rodeos where aircraft competition is minor.

On September 15, the Tenerife holiday home Insider left Los Rodeos on flight IB 3602 at 11h25 in the morning. She arrived at London Heathrow by 15h30 that day. Could it be any better?

By the way, Gatwick airport which is rather provincial is often scheduled as well. Both airports have their advantages. 

The flight back was in the afternoon. It landed her in Tenerife North by 21.30. This enabled easy driving again from the airport to get her home.  Those who want to reach a nearby hotel have the option of a low cost taxi. Then there is the very modern electric tram with free Wifi. It departs near the airport and arrives after a quiet journey in the capital within about 20 minutes. 

The club Iberia Express invites all.

No need to be a VIP traveler of business class tickets. Discover the advantages you may enjoy, just now...

Travel perks and resident perks.

They are almost too good to be true.  Above all, as many of you may have almost given up travel in disgust.
 Annoying baggage restrictions were to blame. Now, you can pack a decent cabin trolley with all important things for an overseas journey. No need to purchase an expensive tariff by the new Iberian airline for that.  This generosity is utter bliss. Indeed, it's only  one of the perks for Tenerife residents.  It brings back the joy into flying.

Note that they must place their marker in the online questionnaire, however. Not to forget, the "empadronamiento" document from their Town Hall.
Of course, the term resident isn't restricted to the biggest Canary Island with this Spanish British air service from Madrid.

Ticket costs by Iberia Express.

As mentioned, there are five tariffs. Be flexible with your travel dates and days. That way you will find cheap flights.  Furthermore, look out for promotional business tickets. A rather interesting option was published, recently by the Iberia BA alliance air service.
    Some business people are advised to purchase flight Flex tickets. Then, they can change bookings at relatively low cost.
        Do the same and secure flight change by Flex when your health is shaky. Why? Suddenly you may want to return earlier. You may prefer health care at home in Tenerife Spain.

About Iberia Express by Wikipedia.

However, go to the airline's website here

Pretend you want to buy flights from Tenerife to London and back. See for yourself the amazing luggage allowance, discover more of its perks and why this is most convenient to get to the UK from North Tenerife.
Looking for more travel? Check the  "Google flights" website.

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