Find specific daily or weekly flights to Tenerife North direct or via Madrid

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So what about flying directly to Tenerife?

Of course, Binter airline connects Los Rodeos airport and other Canary Islands without additional stops.

Iberia and above all Iberia Express has been an excellent option with reasonable priced flights for quite some time. It makes fast and cheap air travel possible to Tenerife from all major Spain cities. The same applies to and from London UK airports.

Getting to Tenerife more expensive due to flight taxes?

In April 2012 passenger flight tax went up. € 5,70 to 5,99 for flights within the European Economic union. Long distance flights from €8,60 to €9,03.

It must be noted in this context that there are no more direct long haul flights from and to the Tenerife North airport.

All go via Madrid again.

However since 2015, Iberia Express flights to the UK have become very popular  from Los Rodeos TFN.  One flight connects London per week from Reina Sofia TFS by 2016.

Flights to the biggest Canary Island via Madrid

Of course, there are many and most go to the North airport.

  Straight from London to Tenerife?

Iberia has become a must to consider for flights from London to Los Rodeos TFN Tenerife North.

Not only ideal for the British tourists who own or rent a holiday home in Tenerife in its Northern region.

It's absolutely important for the busy businessman for whom the Reina Sofia airport isn't convenient. He may even do better than I did for a direct flight. As an example, I found one by 2015, March 23 with a March 26 return for €159.

By the way, you can use verious airports from London alone to get to Tenerife.

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