Lets celebrate World Tapas Day.

This year in Tenerife, a special World Tapas Day called Dia de la Tapa in Spanish takes place on June 15th, 2017 in El Sauzal. In 2018, it was to be on June 21.

In fact, this day of the Spanish mini food cuisine is to be honored worldwide on every third Thursday in June every year.

This has been introduced in 2017.


Spain is proud of its unique Tapas. It wanted the entire world to join its celebrations.
Reason being is also that more and more Spanish wines including those from Tenerife are exported all over the globe.

And having a Tapa is a must together with a wine from any part of Spain.

Dia de la Tapa el Sauzal.

  • Where? Sala de la Pirámide
  • Calle Mercadeo,3
  • 38360 El Sauzal - Tenerife
  • When? At 7 p.m. in the evening
  • Map
  • Entrance: Free

World Tapas Day organizers at El Sauzal.

  • Town Hall El Sauzal
  • Cabildo de Tenerife
  • Tenerife Tourism
  • Saborea España
  • Saborea Tenerife
  • La Laguna university
  • Denomination of Origin (D.O.) for wines Tacoronte Acentejo with 25th anniversary (1992-2017)
  • Club Mini Chef El Sauzal

  • Local Wines of the 2016 harvest
  • Posma Cider
  • Platé Banana Liquor
  • First time show cooking and competition of Tenerife Mojos (sauces)
  • Free tastings of Mojos as a part of Tapas

Tapas Routes.

Tapas Routes have been traditions for many years. There, eating establishments volunteer to take part in a Tapas competition like the one called Patapa Los Realejos of 2018. Each bar, restaurant, bodega, Tasca, you name it, is free to take part with one small dish of Tenerife cuisine. It's to be valuated by the public. Tapa lovers can buy a voucher that entitles them to sample each and every Tapa during the concourse. The route happens during a given period off time which may be two weeks.   Prices which used to be around &euro 2,50 per Tapa had gone up to &euro 3,00 in 2018.


Viva la Tapa the cocktail food of Spain with a good glass of wine.

Expect Taperias in New York and many international or Spanish restaurants to celebrate this special day. Look out for events and the like wherever, you are.

More about the World Tapas Day here.

About a Montatito and many more types of Tapas Tapa Jargons by photos and descriptions

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