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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0019 - Christmas restaurant
December 21, 2013

A North Tenerife restaurant for Christmas Eve

Most probably many of you are on the look out for a North Tenerife restaurant near Puerto de la Cruz.

Not everybody with a holiday home likes to spend this day cooking and entertaining. Some of us prefer to be spoiled on special days.

I prefer to go to a classical concert on the 24th of December than giving a party at home. It's much different for those with little children, of course. Then any Christmas day is full of magic.

The restaurant I've found through a friend is Chinese. The waiter is the mother of the owner, to the best of my knowledge. She is lovely and very attentive to all who give her a smile.

She even takes you serious when you have special wishes because of food allergies.

Click here to find out all about it. It's not a gourmet place, it's not particularly elegant but, it's open on Christmas Eve which is so rare in Tenerife North.

Also take note on the right of the article about a link with an offer to help you find a good hotel which is child and family friendly.

More so. it is safe for a toddler to run in your own very large patio. I can't promise that this special room with bath en suite is always available. However, the chances are good when you plan your stay early. I will get out of my way to help for a fee of Euro 20.

I would travel to the hotel to arrange everything in your name. By the way, my own family and my grand child enjoyed this convenience very much. The little one had a real ball. Also, the hotel chef is one of the best in Tenerife. I will disclose more to those that plan a stay there.

In case there is anything else I can do for you, just ask.

Please, also be patient, as I don't always have a chance to answer straight away. When I am not involved in wedding preparations then something else is up.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new Year...

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