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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #003 -- Mind that parkometre
July 01, 2011

Tenerife property progress while parkometre stands still

wouldn't it be fantastic if birds really gave us news? Only trained parrots or pigeons might give a clue.

Anyway, go to Masca and encounter some splendid rare birds. You might not even have to hike up that mountain to one of Teno's peaks. Some people whom I know do that once a month for the mere pleasure that no cellular phone is working in the entire Masca valley.

Meantime, say hello to my endangered birds. Crazy Masca parcometre

Should the parcometre still be there which asks you to put Pesetas, ignore it. Pesetas belong to the past. Simply park your car. Don't put another currency. It will gobble it up and nothing will show on the parking clock.

You'd rather go to Mount Teide?

Well, I think you'll have missed the Warner Brother monuments of sculptured movie gods that fitting the landscape so well. I missed them too and will have to see the Clash of the Titans to pick up on it.

Oups, that was a little bit of insider chat birds could have whispered.

And now to some more serious stuff. Learn the following which concerns interesting news about some Tenerife property sales. They may help you to understand what is really going on with the real estate market in Tenerife.

Rent it, please:

Oh, and my holiday home Tenerife apartment is free from August 2011 onwards. It would be a long story again to explain why it's available. And that after I got it its own Wifi antenna....

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So long until my next news e-zine...

Gabriele Your Tenerife holiday home insider guide

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