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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0014 -- June-19- 2012
June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012 Tenerife news and Whitefly control tips

Whitefly control is not only a topic for June 19, 2012 but for all the time. It's for people with balcony plants of their Tenerife holiday home or for those who are curious about that stubborn pest which is not endemic to the island.

Learn more about controlling Tenerife Whiteflies.

Now to street art news. Perhaps salt art in streets is also popular in your country.

However, imagine whole families getting together in June to make such street art. Discover artistic carpets of salt with community spirit.

We shall love to see pictures of your own town or village with similar art. Let us and the world know about it, above all if your kids helped to create it.

Or were you doing art, such as the Orotava flower carpets ? That happens for the Tenerife Corpus Christi celebrations which is the Catholic Fronleichnam holiday in Germany, by the way. All Corpus Christi holidays go back to Roman Catholic traditions.

And here more news of June 2012

Consider a big award winner Tenerife 5 star resort near Los Gigantes which made end of year 2011 news for outstanding services and more...

Garachico made headlines and there may be more to come. Why? The Garachico yacht harbor is back thanks to a very stubborn town mayor. Guess how many centuries Garachico had to wait for it? So what about the other news? Hotels and a convenient funicular for Garachico are on the agenda.

Otherwise, we are sorry to announce that famous Sting has canceled his concert in Tenerife.

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Saludos de Gabriele

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