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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0013 -- May 2012
April 30, 2012

May 2012 with celebrations and new Spanish discoveries Tenerife.

May 2012 is starting today at Midnight. Fireworks will follow soon. Indeed, the coming days are for festivals and Spanish Fiestas. All that to give you a break from the Tenerife beaches in north and south.

Birds are announcing newly sprouting flower buds and trees with May scented leaves. A couple of days with good rain all over the island helped much to bring out such perfumes.

Learn all about the rocking May celebrations of Santa Cruz de Tenerife...

A recent visit by a client from Chicago ended with the discovery of carnival posters, which are no 'April Fools Day' joke. The posters are virtually cast in stone, as if they were monuments. Find them in an area where you would least expect them. That part of Santa Cruz is kind of priceless, as it also has big, open parking grounds.

Another surprise came by Vegan fast food. Encounter that in another most convenient location but, this time in Puerto de la Cruz. We dubbed it as an unusual must see ladies restaurant for good Spanish girls. This adds to a handsome collection of Tenerife restaurants. That's your adventure for eating out with most varied cuisine all over the island. By the way, mind that much is closed almost everywhere on first of May, tomorrow. That's also Workers Day.

And last not least, as not to forget, my latest achievement which is supposed to be a festival of lovely photos and colors. That's my new Google Plus page called TenerifeHolidayHomeInsiderGuideCom.

Feel free to leave comments, and click a Google Plus where you think it's deserved. This is virtually like the "Like button" of Facebook. Bless you for it...

Please, forward this e-zine to a friend which would be a big favor for me. Or subscribe to it here where you also find our calendar in the right hand column. Thanks and hoping to see you one day in Tenerife.

Saludos de Gabriele

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