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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0017 - Tenerife airport transfer
November 16, 2012

Tenerife airport transfer progress and other news

These Tenerife airport transfer news will hopefully reach you in time.


Lets hope you have not arrived on the island already. If you did, forgive me to be late with this e-zine.

In fact, airport transfer is so much more interesting these days. All this is due to other transport changes on the biggest of all Canary Islands.

Here's the link

Read up all about it and be free to also check for other transfers for London or any other airport you will go back to, eventually.

London Gatwick by BA and Norwegian for 2013

Other amazing news beside Tenerife airport transfer are new flights by BA from London Gatwick. BA will head to Tenerife South five times weekly from March 31 onwards.

Another flight carrier from the same airport is not to be ignored. It's the low cost flight operator NORWEGIAN. It's committed itself to frequent trips, as well.

Interested in rare plants?

All the latest rain made me look at plants again.

I stumbled upon some questions in that context.
Perhaps, you can help me figure out an answer.
It would be much appreciated.
Find the green roof plant poll here.

Check out the Tenerife museums, in case the weather isn't ideal for the beach. But don't forget, that the sun always comes back quickly. Or a rented car will help you chase the Tenerife sun better.

See you soon, perhaps.
For a cup of coffee in town? There are no nicer, old Tenerife coffee bars than in Puerto de la Cruz. They have delicious surprises with the dark beans of Colombia, such as with Barraquitos. And yummy cakes, too...

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