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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0015 -- October-03-2012 -- After 37 years
October 03, 2012

October-03-2012 A property bought, summer street cafés galore and more.

Much happened in the last two months before October, 03, 2012. To let you know, is not so easy now. Lets start with Guenther. Just figure that this guy took 37 years to make up his mind about buying an apartment in Tenerife. Discover why he bought North Tenerife property last not least, although he had considered the south. Who's he? He's a friend and a businessman on semi overseas retirement. Otherwise, a guy like you and me.

North Tenerife property with roof tops

Those who have such real estate are lucky. Rooftop restaurants become Tenerife tourist attractions. One exhibits model ships, art and whatnot. But only until October 21, 2012. It's a joy to see what people come up with since the building boom stopped. Otherwise, the smaller places who have some faithful customers like soccer fans, survive best.

Olé viva the street café

Tenerife Spain is exploding with street cafés, not just because of the weather. The weather? Again? Yes, it was sensational. So many blue skies and the most reliable sun. A bit warm at night that people, kids and dogs spent more time outside in the streets. Bars moved their big TV screens in position so that people could watch Soccer games from pavement seats. Not only the smokers, you know.

Many unemployed folks forgot all about their grief. So much free summertime to enjoy.

This Recession of Tenerife Spain will enter history books with coolest soccer matches in one of hottest summers.

Rather unknown beaches

Young friends from Prague fell in love with Realejos beaches, some of which rather off the beaten track. I briefly mentioned them when they stayed at our North Tenerife property.

A new free public park in Arona made news for expats and all who think of spending long holidays on Tenerife. Some said the money would have been better used for improving health care in that region. That would have cost a lot more, don't you think so? Spending time walking in parks is also healthy. So much to living on Tenerife in the south. Obviously, there are advantages and shortcomings when you compare north Tenerife property to that of the South.

Preview for next ezine: My next ezine will be about a very cool nightclub in the South provided you don't mind an evening out with Techno music. Otherwise there are a few very interesting new places in the North, some of which are already creating a big buzz.

Question: Did you know which of Costa Adeje accommodation was preferred by the Chinese head of Estate Hu Yintao when he came to Tenerife this year in 2012 ?

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