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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0011 -- Tenerife spring 2012
March 11, 2012

Tenerife spring 2012 is in the air, but no rain.

Off lately, the Tenerife Spring 2012 weather was even more picture book like. However, the local farmer whom I know in Icod el Alto is crying. Just now he may add a very sad episode to his island's potato history, as rain is still not showing up. January was the time for planting the new crop. But, nothing seems to want to sprout.

Of course, the bougainvilleas which do even better after a prolonged drought are doing great. You will have seen them hardly so splendid before.

Off lately, I had another chance to travel to Santa Cruz Playa de las Teresitas. I could see this amazing biggest Tenerife beach and fishing port breakwater from the look-out on the way to Taganana. This is one of the best ocean scenery I've seen in Tenerife. This beach is so stunning. Some hardy fellows were even swimming now in its almost turquoise waters.

By the way, there were easily 100 wood boats of local fishermen in the Playa de las Teresitas Bay. This beach is so picturesque and laid back. Even a couple of big wood trawlers were by the Santa Cruz San Andres breakwater jetty.

All beach kiosks were open but few tourist were hanging out there, as it was past lunch time.

There are a couple of Puerto de la Cruz restaurants which please check out for Tenerife spring 2012.

I dubbed a Tenerife Cuban cafeteria cheapest restaurant.

A mere 100 meters down by the Playa Jardin beach next to the fort Castillo San Felipe is the beach restaurant bar which stopped its self service. Now this beach bar of the biggest Canary Island gives you delicious fish and fantastic live music entertainment.

There is the 381 Titsa bus near the a.m. Hotel Beatriz which runs from Avda. Familia Bethencourt y Molina to Playa Jardin. It would set you back by a good half an hours' walk. Of course, the Turquesa hotel is so much closer to those interesting beach bar cafe eating places by Playa Jardin. By the way, stay away from Hotel apartments El Molino Puerto de la Cruz which is near the Policia Nacional. Some Germans whom I talked to complained bitterly about their food and moved out.

Not to forget news are that my own little Tenerife apartment which is a beautiful hotel studio with lots of extras by Puerto de la Cruz will be free again now in Tenerife Spring 2012. It will be up for rent from April first 2012 onwards. Of course, it would be worth Euros 600 which includes Wifi if it was for only one month. Real short term Tenerife rental is only possible for best friends homepage fans and family.

Otherwise some of my friends places are also available but they are not really willing at all the let them go short term. By the way, Easter plays at Costa Adeje and Arona will be on the agenda pretty soon.

This coming week will bring me back to Santa Cruz and a concert at the Auditorio de Adan Martin stands on the agenda. Most probably, a night will be spent at one on of the Santa Cruz hotels which are just around the corner from the auditorium. Those hotels will also be handy for the capital's wonderful May celebrations.

Talking about Tenerife accommodation... The revamped Puerto de la Cruz Hotel Beatriz Atlantis Spa has really taken me by rather pleasant surprise.
I'll keep you posted about my next trip to the capital and I may have a pretty amazing real story up my sleeve.

By the way, I am excited to meet a client from Chicago which is an elderly lady and a great Santiago Calatrava fan, just like I am.

May spring be with you soon.

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