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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0010 -- Tenerife calendar and exhibitions
February 10, 2012

Unemployment benefit with Tenerife holidays

Before we tackle the topic unemployment benefit, let me point you to some unusual pictures of Puerto de la Cruz beaches. The photos are dealing with Tenerife winter of 2011.
However, no snow on Teide yet in this January 2012.

So what about the out of work dilemma?

Make the best of it...

It's worth learning about it, even if it only concerns a friend or relative of yours. So here's the secret:

Discover how you may even combine unemployment benefits with a three months' holiday in Tenerife. At the same time collect your unemployment money in Spain.

Check out apartments Tenerife which are more practical than the expense of a hotel for 90 days.

Apartment prices are also more negotiable off season, which is important, as unemployment help doesn't give you free accommodation.

Have you seen the new private profile Facebook Timeline? I tried my luck with it at

This is my homepage Facebook page TenerifeHolidayHomeInsider Please click 'I like', on the left below the 17. This is my 3rd trial, oh my. No more changes...

Then Tenerifeholidayhomeinsiderguidecom which is the Google plus or Google + page of mine. It's fun and we shall see how best to handle it, eventually. I don't recollect if there are unemployment topics on that page.

From unemployment benefit to health care in Spain which is mainly about my latest experiences with Tenerife hospitals and emergency assistance.

One last word to the upcoming Tenerife carnival. It could be yours to enjoy, even while you may be listed with the region's unemployment agency INEM.

By the way, there will be an extra Puerto de la Cruz celebration day with a parade and colorful floats and many new carnival costumes. Best check out the hours of all parades with the relevant Tenerife tourist offices, as they are always subject to change.
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