Tenerife tips for its health care in Spain.

Health care in Spain applies to Tenerife and all its other provinces.

The only difference is that mainland Spain has many more hospitals of all sorts, such as three semi private Hospiten, similar to the one of La Rambla depicted above of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

Some hospitals specialize, such as for extreme burns. The UHNSC university hospital of Candelaria handles fire accident emergencies on its island first. Then, the injured is flown to a special clinic on mainland Spain.

By the way, all young doctors at the UHNSC are said to speak English well.

Very important news October 2016 for heart health in Spain and Tenerife.

The HUNSC university hospital of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has made news for health care in Spain Tenerife again.  It is one of 20 finalists for best public, private hospitals and clinics of Spain in the category cardiology. This is very helpful to know, even if Tenerife was not going to win first prize. 

Here El Dia newspaper tells it in Spanish

Dr. Antonio Lara Padrón from La Orotava of Tenerife Tel: 922 333391 (mobile: 618 90 30 38)
is part of the praised team in the HUNSC. Unfortunately, he doesn't speak English.

Did you know that the same hospital Candelaria had a famous track record of 559 organ transplants with 44 new livers in 2014?   

Centros de salud

  • Definition of Centro Salud: Health care center by the government social security
  • For whom? For residents and expats with Spanish NIE numbers as well as European Blue Cards from their home country
  • Locations of the centers? In most parts of Spain and in almost all Tenerife suburbs or small towns.
  • Health care in Spain type? Consultation, medicine prescriptions, written transfers to doctors or hospitals
  • Tourist alternatives to Centros de Salud? Instructions by travel insurances, private doctors or private health clinics, such as Centro Medico Vida at Las Arenas, 73 of Puerto Cruz or hospitals and Hospiten during week-ends and holidays.

Centro Medico Vida at La Arenas,73 of Puerto Cruz with its free interpreters for non Spanish speakers provides a very useful emergency service to everybody. Call TLF: 922382317 Obviously this can't be the cheapest service of health care in Spain Tenerife but this clinic has many specialist doctors to help you.

What about an emergency doctor's appointment in Spain?

Such an appointment is called cita de emergencia. This term is highly misleading. It's not health care in Spain you would ever miss.  It means you must wait on standby to see a specialist even with a transfer by a Centro de Salud.   It can take hours and more until you will be called up, as all people who had operations and certain others will be seen before you.  This also applies to private insurance patients.  However, you don't have that problem when you have a private appointment that you arrange and prepay yourself. Such appointments are also possible with specialist doctors who have rooms at Hospiten hospitals and other clinics. Then consulting times may be relied upon more or less. However without an appointment, unless by a real emergency due to a road or other grave accident, you must sit and wait when you check in at the outpost Ambolatorio at a Hospiten.

In most cases, your British medical social insurance should refund your expenses. Have this confirmed in the UK, before you travel. At least, this was the case with an elderly German lady who always preferred the private Clinic at Las Arenas to a Centro de Salud. She went for expert help fast, always, as her son a Cardiologist in Germany told her to do. A few years ago, she would simply ask the Tenerife holiday home insider to join her on a taxi ride to translate during the doctor visit.   

The UK Brexit and health care in Spain?

Unfortunately, nobody knows yet if the Brexit will bring to an end all according agreements between the UK and Spain by 2018.

"But the fat lady hasn't sung".

Important tips for health care in Spain and Tenerife.

  1. Never call 112 for an ambulance when you have a private medical insurance. Use its number instead to avoid high charges.
  2. Only visit doctors who are part of your insurance policy
  3. Don't check in to the university hospital Candelaria by yourself either, as it is unlikely to be part of a private medical insurance.
  4. Be prepared to have to prepay for any emergency visit to a Hospiten if not sent there by your private insurance or a Centro de Salud

Medicine payments for social security card holders.

Mind that all or almost all your medicine is free or cheaper in Tenerife provided that you have the blue European card. The expat Richard who is still fond of his Tenerife living is having the following experience:

He saved €179 per month for cancer drugs. Hence, one reason that it may be better to be terminally ill in Tenerife than in the UK or some other EU countries.

Although, Richard was in an extremely advanced stage of cancer of the glands, his Tenerife cancer care still gave him all his drugs for free. He would have had to pay out of his pocket Euros 179 monthly for similar drugs in Germany, he told  the Tenerife holiday home insider in 2012.

Also, a room had  been reserved for him with gentle care at the Thorax building behind Hospital Candelaria. This was in case he didn't want to pass away at home. Also, an ambulance fetched him for hospital routine check-ups at regular intervals.

Expat Elizabeth who is in her Eighties wouldn't have swapped her medical care in Spain Tenerife with the UK. The ex UK nurse also said that hospitals in Great Britain had changed so much to the worse. 

Tenerife Doctors and dentists who speak foreign languages

  • French speaking Dentist Dr. Camara Marcimkowski, Javier L.
    C/ Sitio Litre,6 very close to the Mall Piramides Martianez.
    Tel: 0034 + 922 383655 (call 922 363685 for an appointment, as the receptionist doesn't speak French.

  • Russian speaking Dr.Med.Irina Gurvich from Russia Col.Nr383806.101
    General practitioner, internal medicine, diabetics, Oxygene ozone therapies, Electro and Neuralgic therapies, anti-aging & acupunture.
    Has her own laboratory, ultra sound, ekg(incl.mobile) equipment.
    24 hour visits in homes as well as in hotels.
    Make appointment with nurse Ingrid at 922 386 402 Emergency: 670 458 074
    C/Venezuela 4 opposite Café Berlin, Puerto de la Cruz- Tenerife
    Monday - Friday 10a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Eye Health care in Tenerife Spain by OPTICA COLUMBUS where English, German and Spanish is spoken
    to avoid endless cues in consultation rooms of the rare specialist eye doctors in Tenerife
    For fast information for routine eye check-ups without official diagnostics
    but eye pressure taken for only € 9, for example.
    A superb, temporary alternative for peace of mind...

(English, German and Spanish spoken)
sells contact lenses
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Many important eye tests are done.
No long waiting like in doctors' rooms.
Superb, professional service.

Address: Plaza del Charco -Calle Quintana2
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Tenerife North.
Call 922 387072 for appointments


Multi lingual English speaking medical doctor for both Tenerife North and South

English speaking dentists in Tenerife.

Over 60 travel insurance .

Semi private Hospiten Hospitals with options for private patients in extreme emergencies or accidents

Why a low cost medical insurance was a welcome solution to help health in Tenerife.

From health care in Spain back to retirement advice...

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