English speaking dentists in Tenerife and other important information.

This article about English speaking dentists in Tenerife is supposed to help you. I would like to spare you manipulation by dental practitioners, as some treatments allow for much higher profits but, are not always needed.

Dental issues have taken up a great part of my life on the island since 2001. I've been to twenty different dentists, most of whom spoke Spanish only, as they were part of my Adeslas insurance scheme. I saw many when I wanted dental advice.

No translator needed with this lady

Carretera Las Arenas Puerto CruzCarrertera Las Arenas
Generally, an interpreter may help you more than a dentist who speaks your language 'as good as he can'.

But this lady dentist whom I found last not least beats all of them.

This is not only by the way she masters English.

Who recommends this best Tenerife dentist with good English skills who is on Carretera Las Arenas?

A 50 year old British expat who speaks hardly any Spanish recommended the clinic of Dentista Britta Wolf to me. This man said that this clinic was the best that happened to him in Tenerife. Another three German expats whom I know also spoke of its services very warmly. Most of all, it was also highly praised in Facebook to the Tenerife Jazz singer Anna Rodriguez. Anna has a very big following in Facebook many of whom commented to her question about good dentists who don't charge too much. Britta Wolf was the exception

Clinica dental Dentista Britta Wolf

    Sterilization unit of dentista Britta WolfSterilization unit

  • Clinic served by the dentist the lady doctor Britta Wolf who is one of best English speaking dentists in Tenerife and whose modern clinic even includes a dental sterilization unit
  • Web of Clinic Doctor Wolf
  • Unable to catch the receptionist who speaks English? Let me help you here or send Dr.Britta an email to call you back

Best quote for special treatment by three English speaking dentists in Tenerife

Britta Wolf's dental charges are never exuberant. In fact, she gave me the most reasonable quotation of dental costs for my needs. Also, she never tried to manipulate me to select a treatment which would have been more profitable for her. The price she gave me was compared to that of two other dental clinics on the island. Most importantly in the end, i was more than 100 percent satisfied with the result of Doctor Britta's work and services.

Partial denture also called dental prosthesis

partial prothesis dentalPartial prothesis dental
I had a partial denture done with false teeth for my bottom jaw. It fits me fantastically. It's like a second skin and I have to touch a metal peace to know that I am wearing it. No, none of it shows when I talk or laugh normally. Another dentist had told me that a partial denture without at least three implants for the bottom of the mouth would never fit. A blatant lie... Believe me, I don't share this private information about myself easily. However, I want to help you by disclosing this.

Alternative dentists in Tenerife North who claim to speak English

  • Clinica Dental Taoro with professional services more about which find here.
  • Dental Studio C/El Toscal,29-El Toscal 38417 Los Realejos Tenerife
    Tel: 0034 922 362103 - 922 364163 and Fax 922 364163 Móvil: 639 201140

I don't want to talk bad about the last two dentists, as one never knows what makes dentists decide on a price. However, my first vote remains absolutely with Dotora Britta Wolf.

Dentist Britta Wolf is caring for details

Dental clinic Britta Wolf  Puerto de la CruzDental clinic Britta Wolf

The Dental clinic Britta Wolf has modern seats with different height to make people of all sizes comfortable. Indeed, Dr. Wolf doesn't only take the utmost care for what is most important. She also cares much for the smallest details, too.

All the latest modern dental treatments, such as orthodontics, endodontics, implantology and more are offered by virtually every English speaking dentist in Tenerife. This includes preventive dental prophylaxis as well as antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with heart issues or other health problems. Please ask for plasma surgery if required. Aesthetic dentistry is a motto with all of them.

Cheap dental insurance for English speaking dentists in Tenerife

I strongly advise against it by experience with more than one dentist in Tenerife.

I know about the Spain Adeslas and its cheap dental insurance for €9. I am also aware of a cheap DKW dental policy for Tenerife. No thank you.


Dentists that are part of any cheap scheme are paid very little by that medical insurance company and that is your problem too.

I've only come across those that make you come back at least a second time before treating you. That way they can slip the insurance card through their machine twice. Meantime, it's you that suffers, while money is your least problem, when you have a soaring tooth ache.

Also, that costs you administration fee extra, at least twice, on top of your suffering.

I used to be with Adeslas from 2001 until 2012.

Also, your choice of dentists is extremely restricted. I may even call it poor.

Generally speaking, it's always preferred to have a more expensive health insurance. It's even better to pay a dentist privately.

I have yet to find that lucky person who will contradict this. Leave a comment if that's you.

English speaking dentists in Tenerife South

I have seen two Tenerife South dental clinics in the Internet that claim to be fluent in English. Perhaps, they are OK. However, I also know that the south of the Island is generally much more expensive than the north.

From English speaking dentists in Tenerife back to health care in Spain.

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