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Tenerife holiday home alerts, Issue #0012 -- Easter 2011
April 05, 2012

Tenerife easter 2011 while life goes on.

We are almost at Tenerife Easter 2011 and no rain yet. 15 minutes made everybody hope for the best but, it was just a teaser. However, tourists are very happy for ongoing Tenerife sun.

There is a trendy Tenerife business for sale. However, I would suggest to wait a while until the price may drop more.

Also, my friend Cesar is now prepared to let his Tenerife resale property go for less than €90000. And he never rented it out for fear that it would get damaged.

I stumbled upon the lovely Bee Hive Pub 1. This made me do a bit more Easter 2011 research on British expats while Angus Low has reached 90 years in January already. The man looks so amazingly young. May be playing lawn bowls helps. However, he isn't going to play at Alvaro's club any more. There, all nationalities are welcome for the sport 3 times a week. However, the club might not be open during Easter 2011 because of the biggest Anglican church holiday.

Then there are Tenerife photos of the boule or bocce players on Playa Jardin.

It's amazing how active the elderly and the baby boomers are in Tenerife north.

Tenerife articles invite you all to contribute. Imagine, you may surprise your family and friends with a real little website after uploading your story with pictures, the lot. And it's so easy.

You may have wondered about some offices not attending your calls in Tenerife. That's the Spanish Semana Santa for you. Some of its pleasant surprises are Easter plays in Adeje which shouldn't be missed when you live nearby.

By the way, I am still having a rental vacancy of my Tenerife apartment until middle of May, although not even that is confirmed yet. I will even be able to help out now for sleeping a child.

Oh and something real sensational took more than 10 years to materialize.

Happy Easter with lots of the best chocolates and lovely spring flowers for you.


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