Good trendy Tenerife business for sale with long list of clients.

News 2013

The Tenerife business for sale has been sold, by the looks of it. Nevertheless, let me keep the article online, as it is interesting to see how this little enterprise was run.

It has now a Spanish owner who even sells some neat looking vintage clothes.

It was a good going shop in Tenerife North and will stay that way.

The same type of business seems to appeal

Now, it's still a second hand shop which is called Rastro in Spanish.

It is in Los Realejos at 10 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz. It's by the main shopping mile of the district.

A shop underground

What's remarkable is that that business is run from a basement which is reached by climbing down at least 20 steps. Indeed, flea markets are very often found underground, where shop space is usually big and cheap.

Ideal loading entrance

This retail outlet is about 70m2 big and has two entrances. One is in best position for business in the main road. The other entrance is to be reached conveniently from a more quiet back road with little traffic. The latter is ideal for loading and off-loading.

In fact, this business still buys and sells used household items, as well as sports articles and even games and toys.

Why was this business for sale?

The owner of the shop had a hip operation, lost much weight and is still walking on crutches now. She will never be able again to lift something heavy or move around items in the shop.

What was transferred with this business?

The owner was asking something for 'Goodwill'.

She also wanted something for the shop stock which hasn't been sold. Everything was on sale until the end of June 2012. I never knew if she sold most of her stock. By the looks of it, it didn't go to the new shop owner, as all items seem to be different now.

Client data base

A big customer base had been created over the last six years. Interested parties had the chance to look at the notes and addresses of the shops' clients, most of which keep on coming back.

Advantage of this Tenerife business for sale

In fact, it's a good time for buying now. On one side, are people who leave Tenerife, while others settle there. There is a big trend to buy second hand furniture, appliances and gadgets. Demand of used items is growing because of recession.
It's even becoming a hobby by many people to buy second hand at Rastro flee market shops, who never did so before. By the way, handyman services could also be offered with such rastro services.

Low business overheads

The most interesting with this Tenerife business for sale were very low monthly overheads. This included just about all costs. Delivery charges were apart and were debited to the customers.

From Tenerife business for sale back to Tenerife.

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