A carnival club which made Tenerife history Santa Cruz.

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The carnival club house of Santa Cruz Tenerife which is depicted beside could tell many stories.

This club which is dubbed Nifu-Nifa was again much in the limelight long time after the Tenerife Carnival was over in 2010.

The occasion was the passing away of its most renown co-founder Don Henrique.

This carnival organization, which is also known as the Tenerife Fufa or Philharmonic carnival orchestra is also a great friendship club of the Murgas.

Nifu-Nifa carnival association

Location: Noria street Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Needless to say is that this Nifu-Nifa carnival society is now listed as part of Tenerife history of Santa Cruz,

By the way, we could translate Nifu Nifa with chit chat, shallow talk or with neither good nor bad.

This philharmonic club of Murgas (singing clown musicians) is loved by all Santa Cruzeros. We should emphasize again that the Murgas Carnival of Tenerife wouldn't be what it is today without its famous Don Enrique.

Don Henrique's carnival club

Don Enrique was a true son of the capital of Tenerife. He was born in Toscal of Santa Cruz in 1924.

He helped Carnival to stay alive during the regime of General Franco who forbid all masquerading festivities and of course anything related to Carnival. So officially, there was no club but, only a street band which assembled and practiced at Calle La Noria. When Franco was gone, NiFuNiFa and the the real Carnival could melt and became what it is today.

Most probably, this exclusive top Canary Islands' association NiFuNiFa will gain more global importance, as the carnival of Tenerife is thriving to become a world heritage event, just now.

Discover a wealth of information about the Santa Cruz Murgas and learn why they contribute so much to the attractive Tenerife carnival...

There was another typical Santa Cruz Tenerife club at La Noria in the neighborhood of the Fufa club. This club called Recreo existed already in 1855 and is now the Circulo de Amistades XII de Enero Tenerife a club for friendships

Don Henrique was without doubt a very welcome visitor of this one of most notorious clubs of Spain.

Also note that this father of the Santa Cruz Murgas who passed away in 2010 is now man of honor of Tenerife carnival.

Watch the following lovely short video which is in honor of the late Don Henrique and which also has a typical Canary Islands flavor....

Underneath click for the 2011 Carnival song by the Fufa, as called by Santa Cruz Tenerife insiders...

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