Buy one of three sizes of the Guanche fertility goddess.

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The fertility goddess Chaxiraxi is now sold in its most ancient form which resembles best modern sculptures.

You can trace its original version and design at one of most famous museums on Tenerife Island.

Purchase one of the very affordable, artistic statues of the ancient Guanche fertility symbol at the Tenerife tourism Office of Puerto de la Cruz, town information of which obtain here. Find it in Calle Lonjas at the old Casa de Aduana by the picturesque little fishing harbour.

Indeed, this town tourist center is not to be missed. It has the most tasteful, little items, such as small jewelry, apart from traditional drinks and foods. Everything is a far cry from some kitschy things found elsewhere.

No mass produced Guanche fertility sculpture

Also, I am inclined to think that this Canary Island  goddess which is sold at the tourist shop is not mass produced. I have seen many godous items in small quantities there before. They have all disappeared from the shelves. Therefore mass production is not likely at all.

Get an idea of the sizes of the Guanche figurines by looking at a few other items of the Spanish souvenirs, depicted beside. A small tea kettle and some ceramic bottles on the top shelve let you best guess how big the dark little goddesses are.

The biggest Guanche goddess of womanhood and fertility is sold at the Casa Aduana for less than €10, if I remember well, while the smallest costs about €2,50. Or buy such a small modern sculpture for your holiday home in Tenerife. It will make a fantastic focal point and will match with any kind of interior decorating. Also, combine the bigger version of the Guanche figurine by adding pumpkin decorations for a stunning color contrast.

You can even claim value added tax back for your little black statue at the airport office for tourist tax returns. This would make the small Guanche fertility goddess sculpture all the more affordable.

Tenerife history of the fertility sculpture

The black Madonna the Canary Islands patron in Candelaria with its more realistic appearance replaced the ancient caveman idol after the Tenerife conquest.

Admire more Guanche sculptures of street art in the Tenerife capital on Plaza de España by clicking here. Not for sale, though...

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