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Advertise online for your business Spain in Tenerife or anywhere with Tenerife holiday home Original articles of ours are perfect stepping stones for mounting appealing types of publicity. Businesses, which are in or for Spain or Tenerife its province will fit in ideally. Get in touch with us... Give millions of information hunters the chance to track you down!

Also, is not only found by keyword search but, by almost endless search terms due to its multiple content. It therefor offers an excellent advertising platform.

More reasons to use us

  • Our terms are flexible in many ways.
  • We understand the need to help services in our hard time of recession.

Advertising policy

Our policy means flexibility to enable cheap advertising for you with alternatives. Generally, we are refraining from advertising directly from our homepage but, are willing to seek you another way. Our motto is, every hurdle should be possible to take. Even, when it involves more time from our part...Discussing a problem is of utmost importance. Please, note our space is limited to facilitate our advertisers maximum value for money ads within the current economy. However, advertising space on taken pages may be augmented by new pages of ours in the future.
Advice for best strategies to advertise online is a service we give you for free. No need to know HTML; we provide that too.

Online marketing strategies

Banner ads

Online advertising with banner ads are one possibility. People will click on them, if they are real cool, sexy, funny or outright meaningful. Banner advertisement must be well visible. Hence, not in an environment of a very busy space... Stacks of other graphic online adverts steal the show. Surfing visitors are ignoring all in such a case. Also, Internet advertising with banners must never mislead.

Text ads

Advertise online by text ads... Advertising with a catchy phrase of well selected words belongs to the bread and butter of online marketing. However, not to forget is that all URLs that point to your business, services or merchandise must have the HTML attribute rel="nofollow".

Full page advert

Full page adverts give you sort of a mini homepage, where everything is done for and on your behalf. Discover more about the full page advert...

Commission sharing joint venture policy

We don't offer this service for a special joint venture any more, as it doesn't seem to appeal to anybody lately.

Other Internet advertisement strategies

  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft advertising MSN
  • Yahoo Search Engine Marketing
  • Affiliating
  • Networking, Network marketing or MLM

Advertise online for vacation rental for dog holidays...

Dog holidays Tenerife are more in demand than ever. I had several inquiries for them. The last person who called me by telephone from Germany said his dog was insured for Tenerife dog holidays. Of course, I could not see the fully comprehensive dog insurance cover for millions of Euros, which he mentioned.

Anyway, People want private accommodation, where pets are allowed, while on holiday. Use this new niche for holidays for dogs to advertise with us your self catering Tenerife apartments, townhouses or villas, for example... Include an extra fee of, perhaps €100 per month, to cover for dog related final cleaning and eventual reparations needed because of the animal...Have a rental clause which covers for real damage... However, this is unlikely to be caused by modern holiday dogs.
Most dog vacations are in demand for their miniature brothers, as has been the fashion for the last years.

On the other hand, I once had a big Blue Great Dane. Those Danish pedigree dogs are known for behaving better inside than any other dog breed. Make sure that your dog vacation advertising is asking for quiet dogs, as a rule...

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Read what a prominent newspaper says about advertising in the Internet here.

When cheap advertising which was a vital was a missed opportunity.

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