Hotels Tenerife in ideal spots for vacations for kids and toddlers with parents.

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Hotels Tenerife may amount to 400 by 2014, as some come and others go. The offer is big for an island of a mere size of 785 square miles only and, competition is tough.

So what are the tips to parents with kids for hotels of Tenerife?

A good Location is the main key.

Why is it a priority, always ?

    Hotel Monopol of Tenerife

  • Hotels and above all family accommodation for holidays must be in top spots with a car park or public transport nearby.
  • The more variety for things to do the better, as family beach vacations for every day would get boring.
  • Many prefer staying in a hub but, adults may object to ringing church bells; perhaps an issue with some of the small charming Tenerife Hotels, such as Hotel Monopol of Puerto Cruz or Hotel Quinta Roja of Garachico...
  • Contrary to the above, the modern beach hotel Hotel Turquesa which find listed under Puerto de la Cruz hotels further down on this page is outside the town hub. The Turquesa also allows for self catering by separate apartments besides regular hotel rooms, while its pool and children jungle gym are for all to be used.
  • Hotel El Parador the only hotel by Mount Teide may be interesting with our youngest off-springs. The cable cars nearby and snowmen in winter may be great fun, while to travel with toddlers by car on the mountain road is a joy ride.
  • Hotels next to a yacht harbor promise water thrills for kids, such as by the historic Garachico Designer Hotel San Roque
  • or
  • the venerable, romantic Hotel Quinta Roja of Garachico. There, Tenerife kids who play in front of it by moonshine on the main town square are not uncommon. The Spanish life style, you know..

Hotels of Tenerife for family beach vacations

By the way, it's convenient when soft sand beaches are not far from your hotel, Playing by smooth seashores allows toddlers to tumble about without getting hurt.
Nevertheless, no need to live right by the beach as, it's good to look forward to get somewhere in life by different ways, also for the very young.

Antique hotels Tenerife North with nooks and crannies

My toddler grand child

Imagine a toddler playing hide and seek in one of the Puerto Cruz enchanting, antique hotels. There, it's exciting for the child to disappear from the lobby in a surrounding arcade of reception rooms..

It's great to race through them like that, just once.


They all have their own opening towards the hotel's central hall. My cheeky toddler grand child did that and he had so much fun.

Hotels Tenerife in the North for much to do nearby

Their 8 attractions, except for the occasional funfair

  1. Loro Park Puerto Cruz with many animal shows for vacations with toddlers
  2. the Cesar Manrique lakes of Puerto Cruz, as seen by a toddler at Lago Martianez
  3. Toddler at the Lago Martianez playing with a bucket in the water.

  4. Orotava's 'Pueblo Chico' the Tenerife Miniature world for kids which is near all Tenerife North hotels
  5. El Monasterio animal farm excursion park of Realejos with several ponds and great toddler fountain fun, as depicted below.
  6. Toddler fountain fun at Monasterio -Sam made a friend

  7. The Agua Mansa Orotava forest park pick-nick spots are tops under huge pine trees
  8. Parque Forestal Flying fox in Tenerife North for bigger kids
  9. Many of secluded and romantic beaches of Tenerife, or the surf beaches Playa Martianez, Playa del Socorro.
  10. The beautiful Puerto Cruz garden beachPlaya Jardin with its little rivers by the waterfall and its jungle gym playground for young children
  11. The Puerto de la Cruz funfair during major holiday seasons
Tenerife fun fair Puerto de la Cruz

Hot tip: Take a taxi to the beach and leave the pram at home, as it's awkward to push it in sand by the seashore.

Hotels of Tenerife in the capital

Town hotels Santa Cruz near activities, above all for kids during carnival or kiddy events at the E.T.A.Exhibition Center. There also are the children workshops of the Museum of Man and Nature, fun at Plaza de España or at Las Teresitas beach.

South and West Coast Hotels Tenerife with playgrounds, games rooms, kiddy pools and child entertainment

Tenerife beach water toys equipment

Portrayed above are Tenerife beach water toys in the ocean at Playa Colon which is near the hotels of Los Christianos, Adeje and Playa de las Las Americas.

Hotels Tenerife in El Medano

  1. In el Medano, the only island hotel on stilts which is supposed to be torn down by government for being too close to the sea is the Tenerife beach hotel Hotel El Medano. It has rooms that are big enough to accommodate kids and has a seaside that they love.
  2. Step out onto the beach from Hotel Playa Sur in el Medano which provides surf classes for kids, but not for beginners.
  3. The airport hotel Tenerife which is closest to the South airport Reina Sofia has a reasonably safe roof top "Azotea" for toddlers, while a pool is on a higher level.

Prize giving to hotels on the biggest Canary Island

Hotel awards on Tenerife come and go, such as for the Gran Melia Palacio de Isora.
However, there is nothing like a hotel with a superb cuisine which isn't the only asset of the place, such as at the Abama Golf resort. Unfortunately, not enough hotels cater for toddler meals.

Last advice to be able to reserve the Tenerife family hotel of your choice

  1. Book early, above all for high seasons, such as winter, Easter holidays or Tenerife carnival... Specials are available for low seasons.

  2. Refrain from all hotels in Spain Tenerife which are too cheap. Rarely, such places are healthy for toddlers and little kids.
    This is my own experience and those of good friends.


In my mind, the winner for family vacations with a toddler in the north of hotels Tenerife is
my Number One choice Tenerife hotel right now and my best Tenerife toddler hotel in the north, by the way.

Best Tenerife toddler hotel  in the north

It's a hotel where you may get ready in your room for going out, while your child can play safely "childproof" in your own patio without falling off any walls, fences, you name it. And no coconuts may fall from a tree, either.

Want help?

Ask me why and I promise to help provided you are flexible with vacation dates, as this room is generally reserved and you cannot book it online.

Recommendable hotels in other countries

The following hotels which are not hotels Tenerife may be recommended by the Tenerifeholidayhomeinsider, as the webmaster or her family or friends stayed there.


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