What are best Tenerife restaurants for any budget and events?

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Exploring Tenerife restaurants is a holiday adventure.

Some main Canary Island restaurants were discovered by myself while on the road doing market research for a Santa Cruz company.

I couldn't resist testing others, after they had been recommended by friends.

Unfortunately, it happens more frequently that good chefs are leaving to move on. Also, often restaurants are passed on to new owners and or management. This means change of food quality in some cases.

Restaurante Victoria with its gourmet quality and great value for money daily menus remained much alike when it changed chefs in 2015.

The beautiful island surroundings hardly may change. Sometimes, a vintage style interior decoration of a restaurant is replaced by a modern one, though. 

Eating out in Tenerife on Christmas

A cheap Tenerife restaurant in the north which is open until late on December 24. It even minds food allergies, when asked.

Top gourmet Christmas Eve restaurants of Tenerife

Do you know any more?

It is easy to select what you feel like to eat. Inns, bodegas, bistros and any other eating places in tourist resorts give you international menu cards. Such cards have been seen in Tenerife with Russian or Scandinavian menu additions.

Guachinches or Guachinche Tascas

Guachinches which are the latest rave of Tenerife restaurants were originally only private kitchens. They had to serve their own wine production. Their owners had to belong to a wine cooperative. By middle of 2013, about 70 such cheap eating places were counted in the Orotava Valley.

An unwritten law said that such Guachinche wine tastings with food were allowed from the end of the harvest until the specific home made wine was sold. The makeshift restaurant had to be closed until the next season.

A new law of 2013 stipulated the exact time that Guachinches may operate with food  under license of their town hall. The time limit is that of 4 months. Why? Guachinches compete with normal restaurants. Only 3 Guachinche dishes may be served without desserts, beers, cool-drinks or juice. No wine from others is allowed in a Guachinche.

Photo of native Guachinche dish

The most remarkable tradition in a Tenerife Guachinche is eating in public off one shared plate. This applies mainly to salads but also to the Gofio dish with meat strips of Casa Pedro which is depicted beside. Note two spoons digging into one plate.

Unfortunately, pork which is off limits in many religions is rather dominating in the Guachinche cuisine.

Gofio and some other Guachinche food dishes require an acquired taste. 

So what is the best Guachinche? It's an eating establishment where not only the wine is good.

Casa Pedro (El Crusantero) Guachinche of Santa Ursula, C/ Megallanes, 38, was such a place in January 2013.

It's renown for its meat vegetable stew Puchero Canario which is made with Batatas sweet potatoes instead of papas which are normal potatoes.

Also remember that guests who share a table don't pay separate in a Guachinche. The final invoice is always shared equally.

Going out and Tenerife smoking

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside in restaurants in Spain, now.

Some Town Hall managements charge Euro 40 per m2 meter for putting tables and chairs outside on pavements as restaurant or bar extensions.

Learn more about Tenerife Spain's anti smoking policy.

Stylish restaurants on Tenerife

Eat anything in Tenerife Restaurants... You will seldom be disappointed. Find super modern places for meals to sample. Discover many others with captivating colonial style, as shown on one of my special Spain photos, here. Find them mainly in the north... Such eating houses are rarely high class but, have this typical Tenerife charm like at Restaurant El Farol Puerto Cruz, Calle San Juan. Or sit on restaurant verandas to enjoy sun sets, you cannot always see while dining in a hotel. By the way, Casa El Farol has closed its doors for family reasons, so I heard.

Otherwise, grab a carefree bite at a not expensive bistro restaurant by the seashore, where nobody cares about your sandy feet...

Best seafood of Tenerife restaurants Puerto de la Cruz with partly Italian cuisine

Pay only a little more than at Tascas and Bodegas and sample very fresh seafood by the ocean's edge. Restaurante Tambo, which stood for best Tenerife eating out in that category has changed management, though.

Just now learn about typical Spanish food of Restaurante Charcon Restaurant Playa Jardin Tenerife and its 'Chopos seafood'.

Nostalgic Tenerife Restaurants at La Noria.

Click here to discover La Noria which is highly popular for its Restaurant Restaurante Chill-out Bar and more lovely street cafes for refreshments and snacks. It's also a favorite hangout for artists and spectators of the nearby Theatre Teatro Guimera. Unfortunately, i found this chill-out bar restaurant which call at 922274411 closed for renovations in 2016.  However, the nearby Tenerife Restaurante Terraza Baobab seems to be a good alternative and, not only for Tapas and finger food.

Taoro Restaurant the Waterfall Restaurant with its exceptional park surroundings belongs to the lower and medium price class and also serves good Tapas.

Famous traditional restaurants of Tenerife. 

La Miranda restaurant which used to be renown as one of best Tenerife restaurants has been closed for family reasons.

El Duende gourmet Restaurant on the old La Vera road the Carretera Icod Vinos Santa Cruz,41 /corner La Higuerita, 41 of Puerto de la Cruz has been taken over by Tasca La Alberka. New management ¡, while menus cost about Euro 25 in general. Taska doesn't imply gourmet food by default. Call Tel: 822 166 542 for reservations.

Best Plaza del Charco Restaurant Puerto Cruz.

The photo on the right shows one of most beautiful Tenerife Restaurants called Restaurante La Casona. You see part of its big interior yard called patio in Spanish. It is a mixture of modern and old unlike that of Hotel Marquesa more of which find here where everything is antique. There too, plants break up the space. However, they are mainly ferns. At La Casona pastel colors contrast with the dark brown timber of balconies, window and door frames. Sit next to a marble fountain while enjoying La Casona cuisine on a hot day. There, admire one of most beautiful Christmas trees, which I have seen inside a Tenerife building during the winter season.

Discover more about the central Restaurant La Casona Puerto de la Cruz with 2010 Tenerife carnival decoration and with more surprises...

A lovely alternative for La Casona Restaurant is Restaurant La Papaya in street Calle el Lomo about 3 - 5 minutes away.

Restaurant Ruen Thai of rare Tenerife restaurants with Asian food.

Learn more about my favorite Asian food, the Thai cuisine... It is found at Restaurant Ruen Thai in Puerto de la Cruz. Reach its premises from outside the Hotel Puerto Palace...

Celebrate Thai food Tenerife Spain Puerto de la Cruz with its typical oriental delights...

Jai Mata Di Puerto de la Cruz.

One of my all time favorite places for real Indian curries is still the Indian Restaurant Jai Mata Di of Puerto de la Cruz. Find this Asian eatery near the sky-rise Belair since 2013. It moved to Calle Zamora, 17 but,  is still in its old neighborhood ...Tel:0034+ 600548281. In fact, the food there is good value for money and the service is very friendly.

Restaurants Mesón el Monasterio.

La Hacienda San Pedro of best Tenerife restaurants is part of Restaurants Mesón el Monasterio. See many photos of this restaurant park at page Monasterio here The picture shows myself with its chef, which was taken a few years ago.

San Pedro Meson Monasterio restaurant has three locations. There is the fish restaurant with balcony upstairs, a general restaurant on the ground floor and the bodega for festivals and shows in the basement. Look down to it from some areas of the ground floor restaurant. The bodega of Restaurant Hacienda San Pedro is probably the oldest and dates back at least 400 years. More than one remarkable mural sets the ground floor restaurant into a class of its own. The exceptional set up of La Hacienda Restaurant at Monasterio and its excellent food make it Tenerife eating out to remember. A south African hotel owner whom I took there refused to have dinner anywhere else..

Try its beef fillet prepared the Japanese way on a hot stone by your table. Eat any of its tapas which are also starters and savor best wines...

The two Tenerife restaurants of Meson Monasterio which work together.

In May 2013, I took other highly demanding friends to eat out at the San Pedro Meson Monasterio my favorite Realejos Restaurant. Its food quality still goes beyond expectations. So do the decor of the place as well as the service. We shared an Orotava red wine with our Conejo con Ajo (Rabit with garlic). Both food and wine were amazingly good. Alternatively, taste its Dorada fish which is delicious too. The beauty about seafood at Meson Monasterio San Pedro is that you can select the freshest fish of the day yourself at its upper restaurant. Meson Monasterio has two Tenerife Restaurants. The one upstairs is more specialized in seafood but, serves both restaurants. Kids are made very welcome.

Meson El Monasterio Restaurant la Hacienda San Pedro.

  • Restaurant Hacienda San Pedro
    Address: Los Realejos Calle Montañeta off TF5,
    2 minutes from Mall La Villa Al Campo
  • Holiday closure: May and June 2009
  • Reserve seats at: Mesón Monasterio La Montañeta
    Tel: + 34 922 34 43 11
  • Don't rely on any bus like Titsa 352 on nights or week-ends.
  • Alternative transport: Taxi from Puerto Cruz
    costs about €6
  • Parking for 100 cars at least
  • Food prices: not really expensive while its good tapas may be rather cheap.
  • class: Top Tenerife restaurant.

Restaurant Palmeras Arte San Juan de la Rambla.

One of Tenerife Restaurants for art such as Jazz, literature readings, painting and sculpture exhibitions is Restaurante Las Palmeras Arte. It is exceptional in its small town with a vibrant art community as well as in Tenerife and on Canary Islands.

Note, Restaurant Las Palmeras Arte is not one of most expensive Tenerife restaurants but merits a ****, anyway.

I adore its salads like egg fruit also called aubergine salad. My friend the painter Anand Rubai, who is no beef eater, likes chicken dishes there, always. Try the black rice with squids called Chipirones, Bacalao rice, or the fish salad with raw Bacalao and taste the superb wines...I have eaten 4 times at this place and was very happy.

  • Las Palmeras Arte has a ground floor and upper floor section
  • Specialities: Good Catalan and Mediterranean food,
  • Extras: Poetry readings, painting and culture exhibitions and jazz shows
  • Founder: Xavier Botarda, a Catalan chef
  • Address: Calle estrecha, 15
  • Town: San Juan de la Rambla
  • Tel.: + 34 922 35 03 32
  • Opening times: Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Quality: Very good
    However, don't order black Catalan mushrooms which are sedas
    Catalanes negras. For very acquired taste, only...
  • Class: *** restaurant for its beautiful theme and set-up.
  • Its decor and cozy interior on 2 floors has a definite artistic touch. Smoke in an enchanting small garden setting on its first floor.

    Finca del arte by Arona now Restaurant for table barbecues but, what about the art?

    Restaurants and eating places by La Orotava.

    Restaurante Aguamansa
    Fresh trout from fish farm up the road at Restaurante Aguamansa.

    Eating out the the Canary Islands way.

    Tenerife eating out at Casa Lercaro Centro Kiu Center Orotava with its 4 patios, one of which is on a balcony, while the last has a huge celebration tent for mega events, sums up the Canary Islands culinary treats.

    When you have a holiday home in Tenerife going out to eat is a must. Why? To enjoy for ever different food in pleasant climate. Many of its restaurants give you beautiful scenes to remember, forever.

    To make a point to what said just now in favor of restaurants in Tenerife is the following: I must mention a tiny bodega in this context, which I discovered in the Alfama in Lisbon. I went there almost 30 years ago. The food was good but, I don't recollect what I ate. What comes back in my mind, was its setting and its welcoming service which made me so happy. Restaurants on the biggest of all Canary Islands often leave similar memories.

    Tenerife eating out in quaint Garachico.

    Tenerife restaurants for fish in Garachico.

    Take a 15 minutes' drive from San Juan de la Rambla to Restaurant Rocamar. It's Garachico's intriguing traditional ocean view restaurant, where the sea is rocking or dancing on rocks, as the name Rocamar implies.

    Restaurant La Perla Garachico.

    I've heard that Restaurante La Perla of Garachico at C/18 Julio,8, Tel: 922 133300 serves value for money fish dishes, too. La Perla is a hit with locals who also like its meat dishes. However, I would always prefer the Rocamar for its views.

    Tenerife restaurant with German cuisine.

    Tacoa El Sauzal Tenerife beer hall which is also an event restaurant where beer recipes complement German cuisine which gangs up with Tenerife food and drink, while a live beer museum adds to Tenerife attractions.

    Our favorite place to eat by Playa San Felipe.

    My friend Angi and I love to eat out fresh fish at the beach bar with its large terrace at Playa Jardin. It's the first snack bar on Playa San Felipe which you see from the old fort. It sets you back about €7 for the fish alone but it's good.

    Once a highly recommendable Tenerife family restaurant for small kids.

    Discover why the Omni beach former Los Faroles Restaurant Puerto de la Cruz was a big hit for families on vacation. You could eat and be merry and watch your kids play in the park beside. Several eating locations were possible. Now there is a new owner and the place looks dead.

    Tenerife Vegetarian restaurants.

    All Asian restaurants are suited for a vegetarian life style, such as most dishes at the Indian Club of Puerto de la Cruz which isn't a real tourist place but Indian cuisine of the best. Unfortunately, it has been closed for eating out in 2015, as renovations are required before the place may serve again to the public.

    Best Vegan fast food Tenerife North Restaurant

    Many a Tapas bar in Tenerife is as good as a restaurant. Unfortunately, some are not allowed to belong to that category, when they only have one i.e. 2 bathrooms which means  1 for males and 1 for females.

    Arcon Tapas in Puerto de la Cruz hub

    The Taperia Punto de Encuentro of La Longuera which has moved to a different venture may give a good idea what Spanish Tapas are all about.

    Terraza del Mar terrace restaurant with many promotions

    Cheap restaurants in Tenerife.

    Go from Tenerife restaurants to their cheap restaurants, which include the best chicken Take away Restaurant in the north of Tenerife...

    About the Canary Island cuisine which dominates in Tenerife as well.

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