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Christmas decorationsChristmas decorations

This first image is not the photo of the day.
But it is important for you to see to understand,  why the following picture is far more interesting.

My goal is to help beginners to learn about photography with this picture of Christmas decorations on a building that was suddenly transformed. Therefore, I also offer photo sharing for it.

Just now you, will discover a different situation evolving around this Tenerife picture which will lead to the photo before Christmas day.

How, where and when did I stumble upon ideas for this Christmas Eve photo?

I took a short camera stroll through neighborhood streets of Puerto de la Cruz on Christmas Eve day by 4 p.m.

Why will you be shown 3 Tenerife photos?

  1. First photo shows photo object I wanted to shoot.
  2. 2nd photo reveals clue resulting in photo of the day.
  3. 3rd photo shows differently mirrored details. One of them is also a peculiar shop name.

4 photography tips to shoot mirror image in busy town street.

  1. Take a picture from a secure position, such as away from street traffic on level pavement
  2. Stand straight opposite your image subject for a direct photo shot while camera shouldn't shake.
  3. Avoid sun shine entering your lens, such as by means of a shop canopy seen in first photo..
  4. Generally, avoid pedestrians who may obstruct your view but, not necessarily, a passing mirroring convex bus for fun digital photography results...

What is special about this main day photo?

mirror image surrealisticMirror image surrealistic
It is a mirror image.

Part of the building behind me with its dark red front and yellow round balconies are mirrored in the windows of the passing bus shown.

Those brown tourist bus windows of the tourist bus and the angle in which the light was reflected in it played magic with the original image. Glimpse a different shop behind me in the bus windows.

Notice photo details of main digital picture of the day...

Above and next to the bus still find the same light blue facade of double story building like in the first picture. All details are, as before. But wait...

What you discover glancing through the bus cannot be part of the house, although, it looks like it on first sight. No street architecture splits facades into a front of 2 base colors side by side.
Balconies of different styles never show on one building. No street house in real life has partly 3 floors while the rest shows 2.
The building suddenly uncovers a different shop, not there before, caught by a bus.
Hence the photo of the day is about surreal photography achieved by a mirroring bus.

Name of digital camera used with mirror photography

However, those mirror images which resulted in my best photo of the day produced by my old Konika Digital Revio KD 500Z camera look amazingly real. Photo tricks such as photo montage could achieve similar photography results.

Was Christmas Eve picture shot by professional photographer?

The mirror image of Christmas 2008 was done by a photography amateur as part of photo experiments and with the goal to have fun.

Outside ornaments on balcony and houseOutside Christmas ornaments
To round off the photo event of the day notice the back of the tourist bus in the 3rd photo shot...

The less convex glassed in bus rear compared to vehicle front reflects hints of red Christmas garlands, only.

Reality presents top floor outside ornaments
attached to the house. Different sized silver and red Christmas ornament balls show more prominently above and next to the vehicle. Garlands made of shiny red fabric mingle with others made by synthetic branches of pines which were also used to decorate the balcony with wreaths.

All forms, colors and textures of decor compliment the light blue base underneath, perfectly. Combined they render a lovely street Christmas mood.

Why 3rd photo could only be a runner up, although, it could be seen as linguistic joke.

In this 3rd picture nothing is mirrored from behind me. Most of the original sight of the first photo is repeated with its shop reading Natur house. A grammatical mistake in half English and German all in one sentence reveals this.

Perhaps, this shop name is displayed like that on purpose. Such foreign language errors in Tenerife would not be uncommon. They sure merit their own photo, such as this 3rd picture, while we must forgive Tinerfeños who are so gracious with all who speak 'their' Spanish Castillano badly.

Letters depicting the word Color from shop behind where I stood was only uncovered in main photo of the day.

None of the tiny Christmas strings of electric light bulbs which trail down in the back of the balcony are mirrored. Those may be admired from near and far at night.


To sum up the Christmas day photography experience I must make clear again that I would always have shot a normal photo of the day but, not such an interesting one with mirror images had I not found a bus between me and my photo focus. Technically, the bus helped this photography by its huge rounded convex dark glass front and big side rear view mirror and turned normal digital photography into surreal photography without photo art collage or montage, indeed...

Photo sharing

As I am so happy with my photo of the day I will gladly share one or all of above pictures. Please, give credit by pointing a link to this page photo of the day... Select HTML text link with right mouse click in box below and copy and paste to your homepage or blog...

Photo of the day version as night shot

And now, experience the lovely version of photo of the day without mirror image with digital night photography tips for doing photos of Christmas lights Tenerife, as an example...

Another very different mirror image

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