"So, why a holiday home in Tenerife and, what is it all about", our children asked us.

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Explore all about the amazing holiday home in Tenerife. See pictures and videos of a magical island. This island is your key to a fun-filled future with improved health and an abundance of happiness.

Venture through the oldest Tenerife resort.
Comb through its most nostalgic hub. Admire the Museum Iriarte which is named after its picturesque street. Do Puerto shopping and sightseeing, all in a day's outing. Not to forget Cafes in Tenerife, some of which are in the Puerto hub.

A holiday home in Tenerife is delightfully exotic and was suiting us to a T.  "Us" was my late husband and I in 1997 when we were property hunting in romantic Tenerife North,  with a rather ambitious two week holiday deadline.

 You can find information about Tenerife under information facts.

The topic 'Our island' in the navigation bar is related to a holiday home in Tenerife. Why? That's the best way to enjoy it. This is done ideally during all the cold European winter months or several times a year. 

If your final choice for buying or renting was not a holiday home in Tenerife North or South you may miss out on carnival and amazing other festivals, on typical, nostalgic streets  found in North Tenerife's  Puerto de la  Cruz on


special walks or, on doing any kind of shopping to your heart's content while on your Tenerife vacation. Calle Iriarte with its typical Canary house and former Iriarte museum and many interesting little shops is right in the hub of the oldest Tenerife resort and offers many holiday homes to buy as well as holiday home rental.

Cultural differences

One can't talk of culture shocks but, there is quite a difference between North and South Tenerife.  Authentic Tenerife culture however with typical details is more prevalent in the North. This contrast holds true for the historical richness and cultural diversity too. 

Climate differences

 Mind you there is 1 or 2 degrees Celsius difference temperature between the Southern and Northern holiday home in Tenerife, while La Laguna on occasion may even be more cloudy and cool. It is however important to note that many areas of Puerto de la Cruz lie in lowlands and are therefore warmer. Besides, most people prefer a bit of altitude to sleep better at night without artificial cooling.

Business differences

Tenerife business is mainly tourist orientated, while much could still be done in the form of trading with the capital's Free port.
Most Tenerife wholesalers and big malls are concentrated in the North East in the capital Santa Cruz as well as by the Orotava Bay. Imagine the South resembling Miami where one resort after the other hardly leaves space for a local fisherman...

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Residential property guide

Find any kind of Tenerife property related topics from buying, selling, inheritance, property law Spain, documentations, letting and much more. A real estate guide  with Spanish glossary terms rounds up. I've included images to help you to understand them better. Some recommended apartments  are offered for rent.


Tenerife insider tips on attractions.

They include off the beaten track
sightseeing and fun things to do,  some of which you won't easily find in the Internet.

The following sights are not to be missed

Tips that help with the holiday home in Tenerife

Priceless insider tips of retirement advice by Claude are part of life in Tenerife, as seen through the eyes of a foreigner.

This guy knows his stuff, he has spent decades on the island focussing on overseas retirement. Find links in the Frenchman's story about many a foreigner. Learn how they cope with health care etc... By the way, not all of those people have their own holiday home in Tenerife, since some of them rent.

You may of course chose more from the Index navigation bar beside. There you find secrets with many photos of towns as well as beaches which include free nature pools as well as pay-pools.(lidos) Learn from topics involving the holiday home in Tenerife in themes listed below. Otherwise locate them in the general site map for tourist information which has evolved into five maps because of the sheer volume to be explored.

I more and more absolutely love to create my Home Page thanks to services and help I get with hosting, tutoring and the most supportive and useful forum where I made many friends.

And, please, bear in mind  I am not a native English speaker. Take strangely spelled words or unusual expressions of mine with a pinch of salt... Excuse American ways of spelling, if you are British... Let me know by my Contact link if there was something that sounded too strange.

Dive right into my island adventure and read about an amazing vacation... It was not normal. Besides, a hunt for residential property resulted in a holiday home in Tenerife.


Please mind that the comment box below is meant to help others. In case you have a question or want to tell me something, kindly use this contact form.

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