17 top Tenerife towns and settlements which stand out.

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Tenerife towns are not all lined with palms, as is rather common in the south. Often large trees make most amazing canopies, as depicted above. This is very attractive in wide shopping streets. Natural semi shade on such a grand scale is only possible because of the most fortunate Tenerife climate. Also it's the geographical location of this Macaronesian mini continent which is blessing the towns with often unique character.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is the most confusing denomination. Same name of the island, province and that of the capital... Worse is that there is also Santa Cruz de La Palma which is on La Palma. Discover more about Santa Cruz the Tenerife capital which has Spain's biggest oil refinery fastest island Internet connection but, no public battery charge points for electrical vehicles, as yet.

San Cristóbal de la Laguna

Parts of La Laguna see from the TF12 motorway portrayed above with Mount Teide on the horizon.

This city is Tenerife's as well as the Canary Islands' most historic town. It could rival Wales of the UK in size together with its surrounding country side. Its Spanish traditions must be seen to be believed. It offers top university studies for many fields. There, volcanology and geology are most important. La Laguna is also a good place for any a romantic holiday in Tenerife.

El Sauzal

Tenerife El Sauzal another town in the green North was nominated the cleanest settlement of Tenerife Island by 2012.

Vilaflor of Tenerife towns

Vilaflor of Tenerife

is the highest located village which outgrew its category in all of Spanish provinces. It's situated 1400 m.above the sea and is about 45 km below Spain's highest peak Mount Teide. Its biggest nearby attraction is the Paisaje Lunar ( Lunar landscape ) with some of rarest pine groves in the world.

Los Realejos

Los Realejos has the oldest Tenerife church, albeit rebuilt because of fire. The town played the biggest socio political role to pacify the conquerred Guanche natives. More about the town which is next to Puerto de la Cruz and which became a leader for top Tenerife culture and sports.

La Orotava

It doesn't only have the biggest volcanic Teide sand carpet of Corpus Christi flower carpet festival. It is also the Tenerife town with the most amazing Canary houses with Spanish roof tiles. Encounter much more superlatives of the most elegant of all Tenerife towns called La Orotava, soon...

Puerto de la Cruz

This is the oldest Tenerife resort where the Guanche Mencey King of Taoro spent part of the year by the royal caves which were very close to the beach and near more than one Martianez fountain. Discover why the oldest Tenerife resort which is Tenerife's smallest municipality is the most engaged with environmental awareness.

Santa Ursula

Santa Ursula the town with most Tenerife Guachinches, except modern La Quinta which both are right beside the island's paradise country photos of which speak for themselves.

Icod de los Vinos

Icod de los Vinos doesn't only have the biggest and oldest dragon tree of Tenerife island. It also has the 18km Cueva del Viento the longest, tubular Volcanic cave of Europe. It became one of the most extended mausoleums for skeletons of giant rats and lizards which are extinct. The geological and biological value of the cave is highly applauded by scientists. Icod de los Vinos is also the most historical wine town because of Tenerife's most renown wine called Malvasia.


That's the town where the most crazy Canary island cigars are made by hand. It is also the place which has lost most material values in Tenerife history because of a catastrophical volcanic eruption. Discover Tenerife photos of romantic images of Garachico by night

Garachico and its famous natural swimming poolsGarachico and its famous natural swimming pools

Los Gigantes

The town by the giant cliffs which are the steepest of the European union is by the oldest Tenerife region the Teno Massif. This contributes to the best island climate, as it is warm and dry.

Masca mountain village

Masca is the European Union's smallest mountain village with tropical climate all year round.


Candelaria is biggest pilgrimage destination of all Canary Islands. where most Guanche heritage is also celebrated.


Photos which represent Las Vegas type glamor stand for Tenerife Arona which is said to shelter most millionaires on the biggest Canary Island. It also has the world best water park according Trip advisor.

Adeje with Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje of Tenerife towns the town by Barranco del infierno the most daring Tenerife adventure track is also a settlement of Guanche origin which has become one of most popular holiday destinations with huge golf courses.

Los Christianos

The 7 km beach promenade which is totally wheelchair friendly is said to be the longest in Europe puts Los Christianos firmly onto the European map

El Medano of Granadilla de Abona

El Medano is the place of longest Tenerife beaches with their boardwalk promenade and biggest stretch of golden sand all along the shores and beyond Montaña Roja.

Find an extendable Tenerife map to discover all its towns.

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