Tenerife culture not only celebrated at the Monasterio farm and restaurant park.

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Tenerife culture is given priority in all the island's bigger towns.

Each of them has a Casa de Cultura a House of Culture.

Its possible Subjects of art and culture taught and practiced.

  • Music
  • Painting, drawing, sculpting
  • Marshall arts
  • Photography
  • Craft works
  • Cooking
  • Various forms of dance

Exhibitions follow suite. Some also have auditoriums to stage concerts, theater and other shows. Of course, museums and libraries also give cultural status.

Tenerife topics of culture or cultural activities.

Tenerife attractions
Spain Art
Spanish fashion
Tenerife restaurants
Tenerife sports
Puerto de la Cruz culture

Tenerife culture at Monasterio gardensTenerife culture by monks

Charming examples for Tenerife culture

Meson Monasterio is a fun topic for this. Indeed, it started long ago. With bread baking monks.

Now, some people just come to walk there. Others sample its good Tenerife and international cuisine at various eating places that suit their budgets.  Sometimes, typical Tenerife live folklore Tenderete music comes on the house at its biggest place Mesón Monasterio Hacienda San Pedro.
Events for grand weddings and other large functions are best reserved at the extensive Convent Salon. There,  music or other entertainment may also be provided by the guests themselves.

Other wayside monuments portray nativity scenes, a small altar or a fountain. Many represent the island's  Catholic faith which goes hand in hand with Tenerife culture. It's even taken to the streets.

There is also the Montañeta park's biggest restaurant. Admire it by the Meson Monasterio Photo.

Note that 'El Mesón Monasterio' also represents its total estate besides its biggest restaurant.

There, a gracious, curbed stair case outside is part of the highly pleasing architecture. It hints at a gracious life style of wining and dining. It's to be enjoyed at the price of a supper or a lunch in halls behind. This however, was beyond reach for humble friars of the past.

Bodegas on the biggest Canary Island may be real cultural icons, such as the one in the background. More so when an interesting museum is attached. There, all kinds of gadgets for distilling  are displayed. However, the tradition of wine making is not alive any more in this place of historic monks.

Wine distillery museum el Monasterio.

Wine distillery museum TenerifeWine distillery display

The Monasterio wine distillery museum has most detailed, precious equipment, as is depicted beside.

Its wine making kit is astounding. All is neatly displayed on shelves or attached to bricked-up walls. Its tradition is like an art.

It is housed in its own building with many details of colorful wall drawings.

Related picturesque sculptures and ornaments seem to idolize more than its cult.

wine culture of a legendary monkAntonio the legendary monk

Antonio the legendary monk who has laid the ancient foundations for Meson Monasterio is depicted with a message on the wall.  Monks are known to be experts on wine.

Ancient habits and merry go round may be sensed in the building behind with medieval halls under low, arched ceilings. In fact some of the structure is old indeed and goes back to the founders days  when a convent was on the agenda.

There, uncomfortable Spartan tables and benches were replaced by more comfortable furniture in 2014. Hence now, its upholstered  chairs are more attractive for wedding caterings... 

Meson Monasterio mural by its bodega stairsMeson Monasterio mural

The Meson Monasterio mural which is one of two by the stairs to the ancient looking Bodega of the basement has that classic look one would rather expect in Rome, Venice or Florence. Those paintings are epitomes of high class.   

Casa del Rocio a trophy of Tenerife culture.

It stands for the never out of date cult of good food and drink where health plays an important role.

Casa del Rocio has architecture which reminds the French Provence. So do the many farm gadgets that decorate the exterior under genuine vines.

Behind Casa de Rocio is a breath taking patio which is typical for the upper Middle Class of Tenerife culture when it socializes outdoors.

Sunday champagne breakfast are its non plus ultra where even dogs are now part of that culture.

Love of landscaping with selected plants is not only to be noticed there but everywhere at the Monasterio gardens that resembles an extraordinary, picturesque village.

Often, the  country style inns have small porches with verandas in front. Spot the Canarian Drago tree a much loved architectural accent plant. Vines grow on trellises. Wrought iron craft works are everywhere. Wooden farm utensils are pegged up on walls. There are big metal milk cans, wine Amphoras and other pottery made of clay.

Small farm equipment like wheel barrows, shovels and agricultural folks add to the rural mood. Look out for an ancient Gofio grinding stone... Everything is genuine and well cared for, almost, like in an open air museum that celebrates Tenerife culture and customs.

Iron art work with incredible metal vines

A remarkably Tenerife holiday home insider discovery.

It's the other gigantic estate Hacienda (Meson) San Sebastian of the owners of El Meson Monasterio. It hasn't been made public yet. Locals say that it will comprise a top Tenerife gourmet restaurant.

Tenerife links of topics for socializing.

Boleros week-end dancing

Day dedicated to Los Realejos customs with merry go rounds

From Tenerife culture back to Monasterio

Wonder if Canabis Tenerife may also be kind of culturally accepted as may be the case in Spain here There is a shop in La Longuera already.

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