Cuentos Los Silos more than a storyteller festival?

Cuentos Los Silos are tales of a municipality that are very much alive.

Like that legend of the Fuente de las 7 Brujas by Monte del Agua the mountain behind the town. The priest who was part of the ordeal of the witches when they were burned at stakes gave some indications where to find this fountain which promises eternal happiness. Indeed, Calle Susana gets you onto the road to explore the tale.
This street is opposite the giant Ogro with his enormous open mouth.

This sculpture almost faces the bus stop of the Titsa vehicles 107 and 363 that go to Buenavista del Norte. The monster represents one spot of 40 events of Cuentos Los Silos of 2017. The event in 2018 was to be scheduled from December 05 to 08, contrary to December 09 in 2017.

Walk ahead and encounter Restaurante La Ferreteria. It's only a stone throw from the Ogro on your right behind church Iglesia de la Luz. A couple of big families were gathered on its street terrace when i discovered it.  More singles were eating inside.

Why the extinct Egyptian vulture is a street art monument of Cuentos los Silos.

Fairy tales start with Era se in Spanish which means once upon a time. In fact, once upon a time there was el Guirre the Egyptian vulture of Tenerife that's now extinct. This turns this bird of prey which was an important icon of the environment into a legendary bird of the festival of story telling.

The Portuguese artist Bordalo II has revived the vulture by reconstructing it with trash, as that and pesticides destroyed it.

Plaza de La Luz with magic decorations.

You would think that this central town square is sufficient for the children story celebrations of a town of a mere 5000 inhabitants.
It's not but, the interior Patio of the Ex-Convent beside is better suited for big presentations. I has space for a big podium as well as for a large party. Its traditional,  architectural style isn't only a fitting surrounding for orchestras, a few musicians or theater shows.

The scope of Cuentos Los Silos.

International Spanish speaking participants are welcome from anywhere,
while registration is always required in the festival's Facebook page.
Even a Brazilian with a new children book presentation was to come in 2017.
By the way also in 2017, 250 candidates took part in a story writing competition. It was also lounged via the said social network.

Festival del Cuento with stories in English.

Tickets for this event at Camino Esparragal S/N Los Silos on December 09 at 12.20 could be purchased here

Otherwise, just look around town. You shall discover countless benefits of the children story festival for all ages. Not to forget is that all contributors had been engaged in exhilarating preparations during more than weeks.

Many water story illustrations decorated house facades and small nooks in town.  Water was the motto of the festival in that year.

These paintings of 2017 were like individual posters of street art done by kids that were more than excited to play their part. Even entire stories were pegged up on the walls of one house in the old quarters. So mind, it will pay you to learn Spanish. It certainly ads to the fun.

By the way, the beautiful town library on the first floor of the former Monastery the Convent of San Sebastian has the posters of all 21 previous festivals displayed on its walls. One commemorates Charles Dickens who was a leading example for top children literature. Indeed, the festivals' scope has no limits. 

A highlight of Los Silos Cuentos.

Scary stories by night events whose presentations are yours to discover as a surprise. Find the latter and more thrills that are bound to happen here.

Cuentacuentos and more story festivals.

Telling stories is an ancient tradition in Los Realejos where I live. Also, Juan Carlos Totse entertains kids from my neighborhood every year. He last did it during the day of the Longuera Fashion show by telling the fairy tales from his booklets Cuentacuentos which are for coloring in.

This dynamic and charming gentleman is also the brain behind the museum Museo de los Cuentos of Realejo Bajo.
Mind that there are also children literature events in Santa Cruz the capital of Tenerife, in La Laguna as well as in El Sauzal. They are on a smaller scale but resemble very much those of Los Silos.

From Cuentos los Silos back to Los Silos

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