Why unusual museums in Tenerife are so exciting

Unusual museums in Tenerife are almost the norm.

Why are they almost the norm?

Tenerife is a volcanic island with uncountable caves, many of which haven't even been discovered. Hence more surprises will come up.

Not only the capital Santa Cruz has centers of exhibitions which are rather special.

  1. Palm museum Palmetum of Santa Cruz Tenerife which was built on a municipal dump hill
  2. Tenerife Botanical Museum Puerto de la Cruz for plant adaptation for the Royal Gardens of Madrid
  3. Museo del hombre y de la Naturaleza a museum with real Guanche mummies and occasional museum dinners for the public by museum chef Armando Saldaña.

  4. Museo archeológico de Puerto de la Cruz a museum with Guanche cave finds in the old quarters, C/Lomo of La Ranilla behind Plaza del Charco
  5. Marine and Fisherman museum located in Casa de la Aduana of Puerto de la Cruz

  6. Depicted above is the former Iriarte Museum in Calle Iriarte Puerto Cruz which is making news in early summer 2022. Why? It is being restored now after many years of closure. Lets see if it will be as unusual as before.

  7. Museo de ciencias y del Cosmos of La Laguna with Tel: 922 315265 a fun museum which introduces important sciences where visitors and even little kids can play a part and which often advertises in the news about its special shows of astronomical events
  8. Living historical village Pinolere Tel:922 336733 ethnographic Museum La Orotava with exhibitions of live craft making, black pigs, you name it.

  9. Living pottery museum at Arguayo for Guanche pottery clay pots made without wheels at Centro Alfarero Cha Domitila Tel.922863465
  10. Open air museums in Tenerife of Spain art in Santa Cruz parks, Plaza de España, Rambla and by the Cathedral of Candelaria.
  11. Open air beach side museum

    Huge Sei whale skeleton Balaenoptera Borealis of endangered  species at coastal Tenerife museum without walls. This Sei whale has been reassembles from bits and peaces that where found on the nearby Isla Baja chores by the Charca Araña rock pool. The skeleton has a volume of 12x15m.

    Unusual museums in Tenerife that are both interior and exterior

  12. Farm park museum village Meson Monasterio kind of a cultural museum with typical bodegas and patios for eating out, a reproduced Tenerife monastery hall, stunning murals, ponds, many indigenous Tabaiba plants, some live farm animals and breath taking panoramic views.
  13. Wine Museum Museo del Vino La Baranda at el Sauzal near TF5 freeway in Tenerife
  14. Historical museum of feudalism of Tenerife Casa del patio which is also a hotel with riding classes
  15. Home House museum Casa Abaco Puerto de la Cruz of elite farm estate of a historic family.
  16. Butterfly museum Museo Mariposas Icod de los Vinos which is mostly closed than open to the public more about which find here

  17. Museum Ibero Americano La Orotava with important ceramics, masks, pottery, wall hangings,jewelry, sculptures, traditional musical instruments and much more. Tel: 922 328160

  18. Museum Museo de alfombras Corpus Christi de la Orotava Tel:922 333299

  19. Casa de los Balcones of La Orotava Tel: 922 330 629 the best unofficial Tenerife museum (entrance fee since 2019 Euro 5 for tourists and Euro 2,50 for expats) to see most intricately carved balconies as well as island crafts to buy
  20. The planned Santa Cruz Masonic Temple Museum which still needs renovations worth 3million Euros

  21. Another museum with its own little village

  22. Dolls and Teddy museum where most unusual materials were used to create a doll and teddy art village by Icod de los Vinos Santa Barbara

Museums in Tenerife with food and drink and a Storyteller museum.

Portrayed below is the Casa del Carnival Santa Cruz part of which is a permanent museum, while the rest is for rotated exhibitions of yearly Tenerife carnival novelties.

Pinolere an ethnographic museum with fair in rural La Orotava

From unusual Museums in Tenerife back to Tenerife museums Santa Cruz which also links to La Noria where many houses with pubs represent a historical era of the Tenerife capital.

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