Enchanting living in Tenerife in traditional houses

You certainly wonder what living in Tenerife inside houses of customs of yore is like.

He is dressed the part in folk dress for the Fiesta de la Cruz while a barrel of wine stands by in his interior yard for the customary warm reception.

How big are such houses where people of different classes live?

  • Buildings with ground floors only?  A possible floor size of 200 square meters
  • Floor size of Mansions?  Up to about 500 - 700 square meters.
  • Quantity of floors? From ground floors only to a maximum of two stories
  • Room heights? Usually tall to as much as 3m20
  • Ceilings? Wooden beams occasionally and of Mudejar style in Aristocrat houses

Why traditional Tenerife houses with their typical features are charming to live in

  • Typical features: An indoor atrium called patio with upper floor surrounding galleries with open or closed balconies
  • Groundfloor access? Via stairs or a proper staircase from the interior yard

Now the pirate look-out comes in handy to see what kind of weather  may be indicated by the waves on the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Orchards or herbs in Atrium interior yards to save on living expenses?

Indeed, some grow herbs and citrus trees in indoor yards, while vegetables are rather reserved for back gardens. Ornamental plants prevail otherwise.

What else is important to make life pleasant in Tenerife houses?

Several strangers, such as myself, had entered the open door of the little house and were served wine and party food. So much to living in Tenerife during Fiestas of cordial welcome in Los Realejos.

Water in Tenerife?

Wells? A well to retrieve groundwater is rather a feature of houses of the affluent but, municipal tap water has reached private households for a long time in Tenerife. Cheaper farm water is delivered to rural properties as well.

What else may be important for living in Tenerife in houses of customs of yore?

  • Livestock quarters or agricultural store rooms? Not a feature any more nowadays
  • Backyard gardens? In some cases
  • Street balconies or bay windows? As a rule, one or two made of timber on a house front, while metal balustrades are not uncommon.

How does the High Society live in stately homes in Tenerife?

The majority of the Upper 10000 lives in modern homes in Tenerife with some exceptions, although I would say that such people belong to the Upper Middle Class who is generally very cultured. By the way, Arona Tenerife is said to have most millionairs of the biggest Canary Island. Such elite homes keep their doors shut as a rule. The exception is the one that's depicted below which opens its gates to stage events for important friends or for the family.

Watch the following video by the Tenerife holiday home insider.  It shows you a warm and welcoming house of Los Realejos with magnificent views to Realejo Bajo. There, visiting tourists were welcome.  Displayed Tapas and wine was rather reserved for family members and friends, though, I believe.

Where the Tenerife wealthy Bourgeoisie once partied

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