The rock pools los Gigantes were indeed a very pleasant surprise.

apartment nearby

The rock pools Los Gigantes are quite close to residential areas, in fact just below the Hotel Barceló Santiago.

Entrance to these natural swimming pools is free. So is Tenerife fishing which is a pleasure, there.

To get to the charcos Los Gigantes just pass down the steps you see on the photo and, more privacy than you might find on any
beach should be all yours...

But, the Rock pools called charcos in Spanish are not
for everybody. You have to be reasonably fit to walk over the terrain. Stay out of the those natural pools, when ocean waves are high... The trouble is that ferocious waves wash back. You might even get hurt when pushed against the rocky border of one of these Tenerife natural swimming pools.

Just look at the color of the ocean in my photo beside.

You may notice how clean it looks. It's very see-through, indeed. You can even see underwater rocks in the photo, although it has been taken with an ordinary camera. And, in reality, you really can make out the fish under water here by the rock pools.

Oh, and please, take note of the typical rock vegetation you see here in the photo.

Can you figure what pleasure it must be to swim here, with the fish? Or, snorkeling or scuba diving to watch them?

I have even seen people with an 'Alsation' German shephard dog when I was there. That dog also liked the rock pools for swimming, very much.

The difference here is that the ocean is so much calmer than by normal beaches. Try out whatever sport you like but, stay away from the rocks. They may be dangerous.

On the other hand, those cliffs may render more protection when you sun bath.

Book a unique Tenerife hotel by rock pools...

The Barceló Santiago of Crab Island by the rock pools which is visible at night by luminous letters, is just a stone staircase away from underwater deep sea adventure with real fish, moray eels and all the other predators of the Atlantic ocean. The water of the ocean is amazingly see-through here, by the way.

You may also sit on the hotel terrace to enjoy the scene with a long drink while you watch a famous Los Gigantes sunset. Actually, they should call 'the Barcelo' Hotel of best Gomera sundowns and rock pools Los Gigantes.

Here is a photographic memory my friend César
Francisco Real Real gave me recently of a sundown by the rock pools.

The almost black ocean looks also peaceful in the dark in this picture.

Moonshine swimming in the rock pools Los Gigantes

You may even risk a dip by moonshine...

Nobody would object to your taking along a beloved four legged companion. That now makes me remember a Spanish family that had a goat as pet. They walked it with a leash. It was not in Los Gigantes, though.

Goats are having a bath in the ocean during Fiesta San Juan.

There is only very scarce vegetation by the rock pools Los Gigantes. The small areas for sunbathing are not soft. Who would mind that in a place that feels like adventure?

And, if you forgot your umbrella, look for some cliffs that keep off the sun... That's what one of my friends did. And, he found one that protected him fully.

Shelters spaces by the rock pools Los Gigantes

Several nooks created by rocks let you choose a place for yourself. Cliffs will also offer more protection on a windy day.

Crab Island

By the way, the area of the natural swimming pools by the giant cliffs is often also called Crab Island or Isla Cranejo. Guess why...

Learn about more spots besides Crab Island by Los Gigantes where fishing is popular.

In the picture you may see an angler busy catching fish by the crystal clear Los Gigantes Atlantic water.

Take note of the fishing guys without tops. Fishermen don't only fish bareback by the rockpools of the giant cliffs, but do so too by Punta Brava Puerto de la Cruz. Indeed, bare torsos are not unusual on fishing vacations. It must be a habit of tourists, as locals don't seem to do so.

A convenient bar near the pools

Should you have forgotten a pick nick basket once you are by this free natural swimming pool in Los Gigantes you may take a quick lunch upstairs below the Hotel Barceló Santiago on the veranda of the bistro.

Take care by the rock pools...

And, please, before I forget, bring good sandals for climbing outside by the rock pools Los Gigantes terrain... I ruined my kinky beach slippers when I was there.

Whoever has a holiday home in Tenerife in or, near Los Gigantes has the option to do short Tenerife day trips to the rock pools Los Gigantes on a hot day. Of course, you may arrange a Tenerife tour to Los Gigantes from anywhere...

Did you know that Thomas Cook is doing overseas tours to Los Gigantes to watch whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in the Atlantic ocean?

What about doing a real excursion leaving the shore of Los Gigantes? You will find information for local Tenerife tours for whale and dolphin watching with day trips listed, there as well as other Tenerife excursions.



 near rock pools

Discover this Tenerife property of Puerto Santiago Los Gigantes...You can see Crab Island from its balcony, while you get to the rock pools Los Gigantes by a five minutes walk.

Also see more natural swimming pools, where one in Puerto de la Cruz is world famous.

From rock pools Los Gigantes back to Los Gigantes

swimming pools, where one is world famous.

See what the BBC says about rocky pools here.

More about tidal pools

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