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Full page advert could mean 1,2 or 3 full pages with information and exclusive advertising for your business. Contrary to social networking sites, nothing needs to be done by you. Your page or pages are nested within the web of ours. This type of internet advertising is ideal, if you don't have your own website.

Certainly, you know that a Facebook presence isn't always good enough.

Here's an example, although we must confess that we missed the boat for earning a little bit by advertising online for this business, many moons ago.

Full page advert example

Now this trendy café Cafe Vista Paraiso has become well known by word of mouth. Of course, they lost years of booming income. Here the entire page advert that we should have offered them with their proper business name, of course.

Do you want to advertise in the Russian language? We can also help you with that.

How? Search engine and keyword optimized, of course.

What is so great about this sort of mini website?

  • No need to buy an expensive homepage for your business...
  • It means cheap advertising will save you huge costs.
  • It spares you maintenance and endless hours,
    even years to have to attract traffic.
  • You'll never feel like biting your nails
    and ripping out your beard.
  • This is one of best marketing strategies to advertise online.
  • You tell us which important information must be included
  • Editing for best English will be part of its price

Catching the right market and traffic for it?

By the way, it helps you most to advertise on homepages which already have substantial traffic. A suitable niche also plays a role. Ours attracts Internet surfers who love to go on vacation as well as the elderly retire. It's a big part of the population nowadays, as you will know. Europe's elder generation has money to spend and loves doing so. Young people have their own priorities for buying certain things.

Fast food type adverts for sms generation

Also an advert which fills a whole page is more likely to be read by people older than 50 which don't use 'smartphones' for the Internet so much. They will find our mobile friendly homepage however, when they surf with them.

Short ads are more suited for those who are always in a hurry and want everything done on the double, such as 'advertisement in fast food mode', so to speak. So rather catch the gourmets by a one page article...

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