Playa las Gaviotas a Tenerife insider beach.

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Playa las Gaviotas which means seagulls is in a bay below the motorway TF 121 of Igueste de San Andres.

A Tenerife naturist beach

The size of this beach is 260 m x 40 m and its sand is volcanic and dark.   
    Why is this beach of the seagulls not on the tourist map?

It has no amenities.
    That means no toilets, showers, beach guards, change rooms or wheelchair access like Playa de las Teresitas around its corner. Also, it's best to get there with a car. Nevertheless, the winding motorway down to this Igueste seaside isn't long.

Also, the locals may tell you that its currents may be dangerous.


There are no breakwaters, contrary to the nearby, large golden shores of the Tenerife beaches Playa Las Teresitas.

A Tenerife naturist beach

There may be some writing by its car park.  It hints that certain people are not welcome.

However, bathing there isn't officially for nudists only.

Just don't show up dressed with beach gear during the peak of summer or on most public holidays.
    You bring your own food and drink, instead of your bathing costume.

Or what about a beach tent?

You can buy it in Santa Cruz at Corte Inglés or at some of the other malls.

The good side of Playa las Gaviotas

The small sandy parking lot is only a few steps from the seaside.

Early morning hours will give you an empty shore. Then you can even swim with trunks or take your dog there, as the picture above shows.
    This seashore that's a mere 2,5km behind an Anaga Massif outcrop of Las Teresitas and San Andres is pretty unspoiled. Wild flowers grow below the 5 million year old mountain slopes which flank it.

Note the endemic Tenerife beach daisies, Tabaiba and even a fully grown cactus.

It has one red flower in full bloom. The latter is astounding.  Cactea aren't really part of indigenous plants of the biggest Canary Island. Did a Gaviota a seagull drop a seed?

Respect the signs that prohibit trespassing to the beach background. Nowadays, nets cover its steep wall to protect you from falling rocks.

The boards are at the other end of the Tenerife Gaviota beach. There, take great care.

Don't dive into the sea... Too many dangerous rocks hide under the ocean's surface.

This beach of wild ocean birds isn't only off the beaten track.

It's a small oasis where butterflies still pollinate blooms. It's a little paradise of nature with a spotlessly clean Atlantic ocean.

Yet, it's only a mere 9,5 km from the Tenerife capital Santa Cruz.  The TF 11 road gets you there as far as to the island's Northern and Southern freeways.


Or do you want to sleep over in the neighborhood? Then,  head to San Andres. It's only 2,5 km away.

Nearby San Andres with shops, restaurants, bars and accommodation.

    From Playa las Gaviotas back to Tenerife beaches.

Igueste San Andres Tenerife surfing.

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