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Wondering why to travel Middle East is so intriguing?

To travel halfway to the East was always one of my greatest wishes. So much happened there in the past.

Ships were traveling right through the Mediterraneum to get there. Passengers had to continue their journey over land on camels, horses and donkeys until the opening of the Suez Channel in November 1869. Many used the safety of caravans. They were famous to go past Aqaba Jordan or the place we know as Petra on the spice route.

Travel Middle East to Jordan

Your guide to Aqaba Jordan
First hand information for traveling and living in Aqaba and Jordan.

Of course, some Portuguese made it even further than the lands of falcon loving Sultans of the Middle East gulf. Vasco da Gama found the whole way to India via the Cape of Good Hope. The Italian Marco Polo is said to have reached the great Mongul of China while he brushed past the Middle East or Persian gulf. Many of the gulf countries Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, the U.A.E. and Yemen including the Iraq hide many ruins of long gone civilizations. The hanging gardens of Babylon are only one tiny fraction, we have heard about. The Middle East region may be the cradle of much of our past, which is often mentioned in the Bible.

Travel halfway east to Dubai by the Arabian Gulf

Why I never went to Dubai

When I was young my husband had to go to the Arabic gulf for business, once. In those days it was not a good idea to take a European women along to a place like Dubai in the Yemen or to Abu Dhabi. The Hippies of the Sixties knew only too well and by-passed this region of Islam.

Also, I may not have liked the heat of the time of the Rhamadan when we had a vessel with rotting chicken lying in the Arabian gulf.

Much had gone wrong to make that happen. But that would be too long a story to tell now about the Middle East. A story of ship chartering, of revolutions, political issues and of adventure...

But then there were more interesting reasons to get to the golf also. They entailed Abu Dhabi where foreigners who had imports or knowledge to bring were received with warm welcome in the Seventies of last century.

I know, as I had been with Central Deutsche Bank Head Office in Frankfurt/Main where I handled much business correspondence for that corner of the world.

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