Why the Map central market district is your guide.

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Map Santa Cruz Market district of the capital of Tenerife.Map Santa Cruz Market district of the capital of Tenerife.

The map central market district came about, as it shows Mercado Central for the Tenerife capital on the bottom left. By mistake, I named it after Santa Cruz which is correct also.

This Map Santa Cruz market district depicts five more attractions in the immediate neighborhood of the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa.

This help for getting around reveals this market by Plaza Santa Cruz de la Sierra but, doesn't show that it's on the streets:

Calle José Manuel Guimerá
and Calle José Alonso.

Glossary for this Santa Cruz map

  • Barranco de los Santos = Gorge de los Santos opposite the Market
  • T.E.A. = Exhibition center, temporary museum or, Institute Oscar Dominguez
  • Museo de Ciencias = Museum of Men and Nature
    with Guanche mummies
  • Puente de leones by T.E.A. = Lion bridge
  • Teatro Guimerá = Theater Guimerá

Steps lead down to La Noria from the bridge of the Lions.
Calle Noria street with its Canary Island houses
Teatro Guimerá is just around the corner in Calle Santo Domingo behind Church Iglesia de la Concepción.

5 - 10 minutes to Plaza de Espana shopping
Reach Plaza de España and Plaza de la Candelaria
proceeding along the ocean promenade to the right of the road map, called Map Central market district.

20-30minutes to Auditoria Adá Martin.
Select the other direction along the seaside and reach the famous opera house by a gentle walk.

Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa
Just now discover why the big Santa Cruz Tenerife main market is a must see for everybody.

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