Where have all the luxury apartments in Tenerife, Spain, gone? What are they supposed to look like? Any more being built?

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Luxury veranda of 80 square meters in Tenerife

Luxury apartments in Tenerife, Spain are scarce.

Even a big, luxury veranda is rare.

There are not enough high class apartments around. Why is that so?

  • They are often let out to tourists
    at relatively high prices, which will
    be below 5 and 4 star hotel accommodation charges.
  • Obviously, they can't come with the service
    and full or half board that is offered by Tenerife hotels.
  • Rental time for glamor apartments is the other clue.
    Every landlord prefers a renter who
    stays longer.
  • Self catering Tenerife accommodation with luxury comfort and best appliances make private apartment holiday rental more affordable.

General Tenerife luxury apartment shortage

That lack of luxury apartments in Tenerife applies to the north of the Island Tenerife as well as to the south.

Luxury accommodation with more than one bedroom is not easy to find. Even the locals are complaining. It's not so much a question of restricted space; many townhouses are being constructed.

However, your chance to find new luxury holiday home apartments in rural areas looks different.

I've seen one such rural resort, where you would have been better off with a skie lift or, a cable car, though. The location of those new luxury apartments in Tenerife was simply much too high up in the mountains. It was a mission to drive there on a windy road.

The Bahia Playa resort Puerto de la Cruz

Let me tell you some locations in Puerto de la Cruz, where upper class apartments in North Tenerife are hiding. The facade, however, does not always tell.

The building that you are seeing in my photo, here, has many a prestige apartment. It's the "super" apartment-complex Bahia Playa in Puerto de la Cruz opposite the beaches of Playa Jardin which is a garden beach whose outlay find here.

Those Tenerife luxury apartments are also about 50 meters walking distance below the 4 star family hotel Hotel Turquesa of Puerto de la Cruz.

Luxury apartment complex Bahia Playa in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife

The building of the Bahia Playa-2 complex houses many high comfort apartments. Many of
them are very fortunate.
They are facing the trailing down gardens of Playa Jardin.

There is the Bahia-1 apartment complex as well. It has similar high standards.

Hotel Bahia is next to it.

The building in this photo has large indoor as well as outdoor swimming-pools.

A jacuzzi with sauna is inside.

a luxury apartments in Tenerife resort.

So, nothing is always perfect with luxury apartments in Tenerife. A gym was recently opened by Bahia-1. Learn more about this Pilates gymnasium with Karate at Fitness Center Bahia beach or call 922 386977. A friend of mine is going there, often. This guy could advertise for the center because of his work-out success. He could compete with Schwarzenegger, really. A so-called Spanish version... So much to the fitness center by the luxury apartments in Tenerife Playa Jardin.

The gym is in the back of Bahia-1. One gets in by the ground floor.

Just ask by the corner Café Bahia Park... Everybody knows.

The nice Turquesa Hotel next door has its own gym, by the way.

What luxury apartments in Tenerife should give you

Elite accommodation should come with a golf course within the premises or, at least nearby. None of the properties mentioned at Bahia has that. Lack of space...

By the way, your next best possibility to enjoy a good game at the greens in the oldest resort of Tenerife is at the other site of Puerto de la Cruz next to the Rosaleda cat sanctuary. Look at the Google map Rosaleda Golf... Reach its greens within 15-20 minutes by car from the Bahia...

Luxury apartments by banana fields?

Urban banana plantations within Puerto de la Cruz

That makes me think of all the town banana plantations in Puerto(Puerto de la Cruz). Look at how close they are to Beach Playa Jardin... It is phenomenal, indeed. Let's compare spaces for golf greens with those of banana-greens... Now, I will get serious... I love the banana-greens. These urban banana plantations could be replaced with blocks for luxury apartments in Tenerife.

We must be grateful, though, that they have not been sold off to constructors, yet.

All the big hotels in Avenue Florida are facing the depicted banana greens. So does Gran Hotel Turquesa...
Now, you know one of the secrets, why foreigners love Tenerife holidays in Puerto Cruz and keep on coming back year after year. By the way, here is another secret to that spot... The 3 triangular, white sugar hat dots in the photo belong to Loro Park with its top Tenerife zoo for thrills . Having that famous park so close ads another luxury to apartments in that location. That also concerns luxury apartments in Tenerife at Bahia Park resort, which are exactly there.

Why more supply of luxury apartments in South Tenerife?

The situation for luxury apartments looks better in the south of Tenerife. The areas by Las Americas and Costa Adeje were developed for tourism so much later than those in the north. More space for golf courses was available in the underdeveloped south. Hence, a better market for luxury flats.

Did you know that there is quite a difference between the north and, south of Tenerife?

Just kidding

The English colony that isn't part of the Commonwealth, is in the south.

I wonder if her Highness the Queen knows how many of her citizens are living on Guanche shores in a Canary Island in semi luxury apartments. Not all are registered in Tenerife, you know.

The "old", venerable Tenerife with the banana-greens is in the north.

Wealthy locals or, foreigners own the luxury apartments in Tenerife. Yes, and both types of the greens, too.

Vacations by protected spaces

San Pedro Tenerife coastal view with banana plantation and hamlet Rambla del Mar.

San Pedro Tenerife is depicted above with the hamlet Rambla del Mar of Los Realejos and one of the world's most beautiful coastal landscapes next to protected spaces.

Santa Cruz Tenerife capital and its luxury apartments

Sometimes, excellent pisos which is the Spanish word for large apartments are found in older buildings in the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Real luxury Tenerife apartments - real jams...

Where find elite apartments in Puerto Cruz?

A lady in Puerto de la Cruz, whom I know, owns one of the very large, classy apartments in Tenerife. The building promises nothing special from the outside. It´s in Calle Venezuela close to the Martianez ocean pools. Her home is on the 2nd last floor of a 10 story building.

Did you know that the higher up the accommodation the more valuable it is ? In many buildings in Puerto de la Cruz a studio apartment value rises by EU 1000 and, sometimes EU 2000 in sale's value according to position of the floor. Therefor, a penthouse which is always a luxury apartment and is on the last floor always fetches a higher sale's and rental price.

Tenerife penthouses which don't reach the market

A few modern, luxury apartments in Tenerife were constructed as holiday homes, specifically planned for by people who wanted them for their own use, mainly. Why mainly? I talked about the letting motive at the beginning of my page. What I had not mentioned is that constructors sometimes built relatively classy apartment blocks, because they wanted the best apartment for themselves. The rest of a building is usually sold off. In some instances some come onto the market as time share. You will often find that constructors reserve penthouses for themselves. By the way, a hotel in La Quinta/Santa Ursula Tenerife North sold luxury time share apartments, a few years ago.

Secrets to find Tenerife luxury apartments

Not long ago, your best chance for acquiring luxury apartments in Tenerife was by off-plan property buying. This used to be the hottest
for investment in Tenerife. Not a new idea, though.

A new market for Tenerife prestige apartments

Since the plunge of the Spanish property market end of 2008 the property market for luxury apartments in Tenerife has improved to your advantage.

Now, grab luxury apartments under construction... Discover them half or almost finished off... This situation is even better than the one with off-plan property. Now, have more proof of the features of Tenerife elite apartments... Besides, this is the time to buy one. Tenerife financial institutions are pushing for high apartment sale discounts. Just figure what difference this makes for luxury apartments of Tenerife... Now, people can afford to invest in something better. They say that it is quite possible to buy luxury accommodation at almost building cost prices.

Where else are luxury apartments in Tenerife?

Luxury apartments in Tenerife are occasionally found within privately owned villas or fincas. (farmsteads)

More 5 star hotels, today, offer luxury in form of apartments. You know, hotel suites...

You get a privately owned luxury holiday home in Tenerife hotels as well. Some time ago, I saw one that is on the top floor of the posh hotel, el Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque, Costa de Adeje. Wow, it was so beautiful!

Aparthotel Maritim private-apartments-tenerife

As told before, some outstanding apartments for High Society are hiding in Lo Realejos Maritim Hotel which has two residential sections for private owners.

Not a normal situation in Tenerife... Discover in the depicted photo one Aparthotel which is attached to the main hotel. In fact, there is a 2nd block of luxury private flats on hotel grounds.

Please, bear in mind that those apartments are all privately owned. Most of them are studio apartments. Not really executive accommodation...

Some of the owners improved the flats to almost luxury standard.

For several years I have seen some regular Maritim Hotel apartments advertised for sale. Price range EU 72000-EU 78000 for real estate with pull-up double beds that disappear behind white melamine closets... White furniture, blue carpets... I don't remember color of easy chairs and sofa. I think, they had some shades of blue. No separate bedrooms were there.

They were all neat and clean, though. They were offered with or without sea view. Mind, this was in the Aparthotel and not in the proper hotel.

The ocean is rough by Maritim hotel. Good tennis courts, lovely pool gardens with one of them being a real subtropical forest oasis and many other features make up for the latter.

Some lesser known attributes of luxury apartments in Tenerife

  • Sports facilities should be offered within the building or outside such as a pool, tennis courts or golf courses.
  • An exceptionally good apartment should have a splendid view.
  • Good building security, excellent administration as well as good in- and outdoor-maintenance.
  • And what counts last not least is always: Location, Location, Location.

Please, mind that quiet, unpolluted surroundings may be a real luxury today...

Just now, I will take you to a Spanish friend's flat in the Tenerife town of giant rocks (The Giants), who wants to convert it into one of the luxury apartments in Tenerife. Do you want to know, how he will go about it?

Oups, I just spoke to him. He said he's done enough for it.

It could never be a luxury flat, he meant. Why? It doesn't have a lift. Not that one needs one for the 2nd floor. But, the view is sheer luxury, he added.

You must see this stunning apartment. He really did a great job. I call it stunning in relation to what it was before.

Would you like to see this nice place?

I was wondering why there are not more penthouses in Tenerife North which are elite apartments and what about South Tenerife and what the azotea has got to do with it.

Luxury apartments in townhouses of La Orotava

I've seen many beautiful, old townhouses in Orotava in the ancient quarters of the town. Sometimes, they have separate apartments because, the Spanish young people have the habit not to move out of their parents homes.

I've also seen absolutely stunning indoor yards in those homes, when I was doing door to door surveys, a few years ago.

To live in an apartment in such surrounding also means utter luxury to me. Besides, in case glamor is missing, it could be added to their apartments later.

Mind those places, sometimes have roof tops azoteas with gardens on top, although, many come with Spanish roof tiles.

Thank you so much for clicking Plus 1.

A compromise

Go from luxury apartments in Tenerife to Tenerife apartment by Puerto de la Cruz for accommodation of compromise with magic views and surprising communal services...

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