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Reality shows at the commercial center La Villa Alcampo are part of implemented new marketing ideas which are a must to explore.

Alcampo La Villa with its long facade in La Orotava Tenerife Spain.Alcampo La Villa

Who would have thought, a few years ago, that the long walls of La Villa Alcampo would hide magic at night for family fun activities one day?

This shopping mall of
La Villa Orotava has already proven to be on the right track of business success. Learn all about it by its Spain nightlife new business ideas. According marketing strategies make use of Carnival as well as Christmas celebrations within its malls.

There is nothing better for public relations and business than fun to attract crowds. Then, take your chance to become one of players and actors to reach fame and fortune...

Sounds fair, doesn't it?

Fashion shows, raffles, surprises at Alcampo

Alcampo organizes reality shows, such as fashion shows for want to be models like teenage girls and much more.

A friend and I missed one such event of talent shows at La Villa shopping mall of La Orotava in March.

I didn't even take a picture of the roped in red carpeted stage, which was about 30 meters long. Too many people were still standing around, some of which were dressed with the latest fashion. Very few had model appeal, though.

Reality shows Alcampo to amuse all shoppers

This means that the La Villa Alcampo shows are also a great free spectacle for all who shop there.

There couldn't be better family fun activities, no matter if a family member has talent or not.

It's a bit like in sports. Sometimes, taking part is all that counts.

Alcampo La Villa entrance Orotava Tenerife SpainAlcampo La Villa entrance

By the way, a poster at the main Alcampo entrance, which is depicted beside, advertised the fashion event, talent shows and contests. It was easy to see for us.

Stradivarious street fashion for amateur models

The first time, I heard about taking fashion to the streets was by Stradivarius. This Spanish fashion designer got the ball rolling in 2011 in the student town La Laguna Tenerife.

Stradivarius brand belongs to the same fashion house like Zara Tenerife. Meantime this Spanish fashion was not even represented at el Mirador Costa Adeje. Encouraging Stradivas to parade out on the town was like ongoing reality shows for keen and talented fashion fans to get discovered for the lime light.

We also missed the singing contest where young amateurs were dancing and performing at Alcampo La Villa. Already in 2010, La Isla Vision organized such talent events.

Discover what such talent shows are like where real unprofessional people take guts to partake in live shows at Alcampo mainland Spain as well as at La Villa of Orotava by watching the Isla Vision 2010 video.

About coming up talent shows 2012, 2013 and 2014 for juniors

Finals of Isla Vision and Alcampo singing contests in July

The finals of the Isla event for talent take place at the Tenerife auditorium towards the end of July. Then the winners of most talented singers are announced. More family fun activities are guarantied by that event, provided that losing out will not make anybody cry. There is always a next time or next chance for at least one family member for some time ahead. Anyway now and in the future, the Santa Cruz oratorium finals of the Alcampo reality shows will count amongst biggest Tenerife attractions for most young Tenerife locals or expats and may even interest young tourists.

Reality events which we missed or may miss so far at Alcampo

  • Meeting up with a famous Spanish pop singer celebrity called Niccó early in 2011
  • Mom and daugther look alike contest at Alcampo
  • March 18th and 19th 2011 Contest Islavisión
  • Fathers day festival Alcampo March 19th 2011
  • Various raffles and reduced price fashion sales
  • Get according information in Spanish at

    Other talent shows in Tenerife Spain

    A few years ago, I had the luck to see a reality show singing contest in a community hall of Santa Ursula by Puerto de la Cruz. The 13 year old boy of a Venzuelan friend competed on stage. He was doing well and the afternoon worked out to be a real event of family fun for all its members from Caracas. They were registered as resident expats, by the way.

    The Latin Song festival of Candelaria

    Not to forget is the most popular of all Latin song festivals Tenerife. It is the festival de la Canción Melódica de Candelaria end of June until end of July with its talent shows of song contest which seem to have been growing by the year since 1985.

    Therefor, those who have a holiday home in Tenerife and family who comes to the island on vacation occasionally should do the following:

    Get a NIE number, take a chance to partake...

    Get a NIE number for each family member. I am sure, that way any of you could take part in reality shows and contests. This isn't my cup of tea. However, everybody may try its luck if confident and interested. You might be a winner. In the end, it's the talent and skill which counts.

    Silly old me and Operación Triunfo

    By the way, I used to watch Operación Triunfo when I spoke little Spanish. It's a famous reality show casting in Spanish Television. My son made fun of me, as this was not really for my age group. Also, his passion was Heavy Metal music. However, the reality show TV event by Operación Triumfo helped me very much. Vocabulary and conversations were so easy to follow. And anyway, music is always a best way to learn Spanish., you know...

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    From reality shows back to new business ideas where interaction or public relation is done via a bar in Puerto de la Cruz.

    You see, all this is why Tenerife is so attractive, while many would expect such an isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic to be rather laid back;
    110000 tourists visited Alcampo La Villa in January 2011. Not bad for interest by foreigners and certainly good for the Spain economy and a better future.

    Interesting shows to discover talent

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