Tenerife history Los Gigantes started off as a fishing village.

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Tenerife history of Los Gigantes has not much to tell about the past in general. Of course, it has much in common with the island's olden days in general. This is all dealt with by the article on history of Tenerife. A link is on the bottom of this page.

The area in and around Los Gigantes was called 'Daute' prior to the conquest by Castile of mainland Spain in 1495.

The Guanche king of Daute was Mencey Pelinor. There is still a statue around by his son who was baptized Don AlonzóDiaz Cherfe, by the way.

The port of Los Gigantes didn't exist at that time.


The Guanches lived off the land, tended goats, pigs and sheep.
They didn't have boats. Hence, they only fished very close to shore.

Los Gigantes only started building today's port around 1950, as is reported by Tenerife history. The town was a tiny fishing village for a long time after the first settlers had fallen in love with its breath taking scenery.

Today this harbor is known for whale watching trips and organized tours for deep sea fishing.

How did settlers make a living?

Puerto de Santiago is an old fishermen hamlet. However, fishing was only done on a small scale in the region of Los Gigantes by its first settlers.

Agriculture by feudalism was prominent further inland, such as in the valley called 'Valle de Arriba' or the Valley de Santiago. Cane sugar fields were a feature of the land for a long time. The 'Casa del Patio' estate was a typical example on how things were in those days, way back in Tenerife history Los Gigantes after the conquest.

Learn all about it by scrolling down to historical buildings by Los Gigantes.

Teno coast by Masca bay TenerifeTeno coast by Masca bay Tenerife

Island trade with honey above all

However, it is possible that a little trade with boats started at that time. That would have been with Tenerife honey and agricultural goods, such as wine (Malvasia) and of course sugar cane. After all, neighboring La Gomera is very close to the town of the giant cliffs.

A pirate nest and perhaps illegal trade

It's said that the Teno coast had its nooks and hidden corners which helped to smuggle goods in and out of Los Gigantes.

Obviously, this wouldn’t feature in any books of Tenerife history.

Make out such an ancient spot portrayed beside which obviously has seen its traffic of way back.

Tenerife history rumors have it that pirates were taking their boats to the remote bay of Masca and were hiding out in its mountain village.

This location is easy to reach by sea from los Gigantes.

Interesting in this context is the lighthouse Faro Punta de Teno in its neighborhood.

The one depicted beside was constructed around 2008. It fulfills modern expectations. A first and rather primitive lighthouse was built at the end of the 19th century. It took almost ten years to be ready to be used in 1897. This lighthouse by one of most virgin country sides doesn’t only invite to excursions but, also merits a mark in Tenerife history.

Los Gigantes 1950 made Tenerife news

In fact, from 1950 onwards, Los Gigantes made Tenerife history. People started talking about it thanks to a gentleman called Capdevielle. He saw to it that a proper town square and roads were constructed, as well as Hotel Los Gigantes, within the following decade.

Only 3000 inhabitants were registered in 1975 in the
whole district of Santiago del Teide to which Los Gigantes belongs. It didn't matter that few people lived in town to support the expense. The settlement grew with quantum leaps.

Tenerife holiday homes

Tenerife holiday homes Puerto de Santiago Los GigantesTenerife holiday homes Puerto de Santiago Los Gigantes.

Los Gigantes and more so Puerto de Santiago by the coast were an ideal setting for holiday villas, as seen beside.

The holiday home in Tenerife attracted many sun hungry British people who loved the area for its climate and possibilities by the sea.

By the way, spot Hotel Los Gigantes at the top right of the picture. The 4 star Hotel Santiago Los Gigantes which is now one of 140 Barceló hotels in 16 countries is right above the charcos rock pools called 'Crab Island'. This Puerto de Santiago Hotel was booked by people from Britain before it was officially opened in 1973.

Click the following link to see an enlarged version of the photo... Now, make out much better how the Puerto Santiago Barcelo Hotel Los Gigantes is nesting in its magnificent surroundings...

The beautiful beach Playa de la Arena with its palm trees and subtropical vegetation adds to this paradise which is protected by 'the giant cliffs' (acantilados) on one side.

A turn to the better

From 1975 onwards much happened and Tenerife history took a turn to the better all over the island. General Franco's death was only one reason for the change. Many hotels shot out of the ground by Los Gigantes like mushrooms by the sea. The nearby golf courses of Buenavista del Norte and those in Tenerife South were an additional attraction.

Buildings of history in the area are

  • Iglesia (church) San Fernando Rey with old drawings dating to XVIII century
    Ermita de Santiago with biographies of three famous Saints
  • Iglesia (church) Virgen del Carmen.(festival July 16th)
  • Museo del pescador Puerto de Santiago (fisherman museum)
  • Museo Alfarero "Cha Domitila"
    in Arguayo shows pottery the Guanche way
    with pottery making shows.
    The craft revived in 1986 by Doña Quiteria Amaro.
  • Casa del Patio ( ancient manor turned into museum and hotel

What about awesome Los Gigantes, hotels and more?

Want to learn more about Los Gigantes the Tenerife town of awesome cliffs, such as where to take your dog to the sea, best spots for fly fishing, about whale watching and where to sleep the night ?

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