Tacoronte has more than the wines of Acentejo.

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Not only the Acentejo coast but all the rest of the region with equally green hills and a total of 30,09 km2 took until the end of last decade of the early XX century to become a municipality of the island.

By 2013, its population which had started off as fishermen and farmers reached over 23000.

Indeed, bananas were seen in the region of coastal Acentejo already, about 200 years ago, as shown below.

Bananas in Tenerife by AcentejoBananas in Tenerife by Acentejo
The first settlers of Tacoronte were monks and the Portuguese Sebastian Machado who built the Sta.Catalina chapel. All were sponsored by the Adelantado De Lugo in order to pacify the Guanches who hadn't been sold off as slaves.

Municipal regional market

Today, the most praised asset of the main town itself besides its goat cheese and wines are the pristine Acentejo coast and its week-end market. The latter is by Plaza de Cristo on the old main road which leads to the capital.

It's modern multistory hall is mainly stocked with dairy products, and other regional as well as imported fresh produce.

Sports and outdoor activities at Tacoronte

Certainly, sports clubs for hiking, walking, sky and scuba diving, work-out gyms as well as for golf have become trendy. Actually, the Acentejo Club Real de Golf has the oldest Tenerife golf greens.

Club Real de Golf

Calle Campo de Golf 1, El Peñón.
CP 38350, Tacoronte - Tenerife
Tel: +34 922 636 607 and Fax +34 922 636 480
mail= reservas@rcgt.es

Origin of the region's and town's name

The town which sits about 800m above the sea has a Guanche name. It alludes to 'Tagoro' which meant location of council place in the language of Tenerife's aborigines, while it may also be related to Tagoror the Guanche assembly.

Talking of the Guanches, here a photo of a tiled mural painting of the battle of Acentejo where these indigenous people are depicted. More about it at history of the biggest Canary Island.

Rural versus town life

The main town of the Acentejo area is the village where I once started to trace an elderly British lady who lived nearby. Her kitchen yard smelled of ripe oranges, lemons and lavender which grew outside the door. It was no easy task to find it, as she stayed in a rural cottage whose road name wasn't visibly marked. This is often the case with farm communities in this region. There, large manors and minor farmsteads are spread out far, while the buildings in the commercial hub deprive each other of parking spaces. Here also, too many had left the work on fields and in vineyards to rush into town to try their luck in the tourism, real estate and construction business.

Climate of Acentejo

The dry, sunny climate of Acentejo is most surprising. It starts at less than 4 km from Tenerife's airport Los Rodeos but, is a world apart. Los Rodeos is exposed to wind and rain clouds while none of that is felt by the slopes of the grapes behind the next hill. The Tenerife weather change is unbelievable once you are out of sight of the spot of the airplanes.

Most amazing natural swimming pool

A most amazing large, ocean pool, part of which is hidden in a cave is found nearby. A man called Dahmen was raving about it in 2012. He never mentioned the pool's total name. In fact, it's the 'piscina natural de Tejina Jover'. It's off the beaten track to tourists. You find road signs to get to it near a crossroad where an indicator points to El Sausal's beach Guayonje and the other to Tejina. The TF 161 proceeds to the Jover pool, later on. An alternative route is via the TF 13 via Tegueste.

Grape harvest celebrations

These celebrations of the Acentejo grape harvests take up virtually 3 weeks in September. They are also known as the Fiestas del Santisimo Cristo de los dolores.

Tacoronto beaches

The beaches Playa de la Arena or that of the fishing village El Pris are rather hidden. A 4 km long road departs in the vicinity of the municipal market and trails down from there with invigorating views. It stops after about a 15 minute drive in a bay which the locals call 'table of the sea'. Learn more about this so called Mesa del Mar just now and discover why a town celebrity used to paint there at Castillo Oscar Dominguéz.

My favorite restaurant of the town

China Town
Carretera General del Norte, 61

I used to eat there often with three friends who unfortunately left the island for family reasons.

You also enjoy delicious food at the Casa del Vino nearby at El Sauzal.

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From Tacoronte back to Tenerife an island full of surprises.

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