Tenerife information tips and legal tricks with Titsa Bonocard.

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Tenerife Information with special tips should help to understand Titsa bus transport better and how to get it often much cheaper.

How much could you save?

To be honest. Much has changed in the last years but above all in summer 2013.

There is even a very modern main Tenerife bus station in its capital now. An information office is on its upper level platform. Friendly staff helps you with best of tips there.

What does Public bus transport cost in Tenerife?

There is no set amount of fares on the card and the time limit to use it is one year, except with monthly cards.

How is the Bonobus card working practically?

Going and returning to the South airport from Puerto Cruz may almost use up one card of Euro 15.

Use the card with the machine until the driver tells you that your credit is short. Than you have to pay the rest in cash to him.

The most modern way is with a smartphone app that you show to the bus driver.

Public transport and the Recession

Many discount schemes are around for residents. Above all for local families with children.

A card elapses at the end of a year. Therefore, you should come back on holiday before that or you have to buy a new one. That isn't possible at the airport, though.

Buses in Santa Cruz

I noticed that bus fares in Santa Cruz the capital are cheaper than in the rest of the island. Also there, pensioner cards may still be applied for.

Bus and trams

Also, there you can use both bus and tram with the card. Take the tram to the north airport, as it has free Wifi.

Santa Cruz bus station

The main bus station is in Santa Cruz, while the administration offices as well as the bus workshops are near the North airport of Los Rodeos in San Cristóbal de la Laguna.

By the way, mind two bus departure platforms in the Santa Cruz main station.

Want to find your way around the capital better, use a Google map of Santa Cruz

Otherwise, ask for one at the information counter of the main bus Depot in Santa Cruz. Their Tenerife information was very good in the past. Most probably, it hasn't changed.

cosmopolitan people tenerife bus station

All kinds of cosmopolitan Tenerife people pass through the main bus station in Tenerife's main city. The photo is a little blurred on purpose as I don't know if people would like to be reckognized by their faces. I cannot run that risk, as I live here mostly.

The most common Tenerife information service on Titsa will tell you the following

  • You cannot buy the card from the bus driver
  • You will get it at bus station counters, in nearby kiosks, in some
    stationary shops as well as in estancos (specialised stationary shops)
  • The Bonobus card is transferable
  • Furthermore, museums give discount when you show a used Bonobus card.

Best advise ?

Bus services are OK for the island, except in the early morning hours, late at night and on holidays.

Also, you can never rely on exact time tables, unless you look at bus terminals.


We have the weekday bus Nr. 381 which does the route Puerto Cruz to la Longuera or vice versa. That's absolutely cool, you know. I always know when it will pass near my door.

To the contrary, I have to stand and wait for the 354 or 353, as they come from further away. The drivers can't know exactly when they will pass by my bus stop in Longuera. A traffic congestion may delay the bus. 


I've just learned at the beginning of 2016 that this scheme is still working. I thought it had been discarded. Circumvalisación means that you can take two or 3 different buses to different directions within one hour and you only pay one fair provided it's not surpassing a certain border of a region.

Example of Tenerife information for transport savings

You may be able to go from La Longuera of Realejos to Puerto de la Cruz. Take new bus from Puerto de la Cruz to La Orotava. Return from La Orotava with a direct mountain bus to Los Realejos. Provided you catch it in time within one hour. That's how I know. The trick with this is that the bus numbers must all be different.


Generally, nowadays, I encourage my children to rent a car when they come for holidays and want to travel all over the island.

Why? Petrol is still cheap. Also, the moment you join up with a few friends your trips work out more economical than by bus and you are independent.

The Titsa app for vital Tenerife information

However, much has happened. There are news for frequent bus travelers to save much on expenses by bus. Download the Titsa app for your Android smartphone to get all sorts of cheaper Tenerife bus and tram fares.

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