Tenerife walking at the Monasterio was what I had in mind as a personal tourist guide.

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Tenerife walking by the famous theme park of the monk can't be described with a few words. Also, your hardly disccover everything in this monastery village of surprises, when you go there for the first time on your own.

I've shown Monasterio which is very seldom known to new tourists on the island, more than once. I did so as a personal tourist guide. It's convenient, as many still get lost.

On a Saturday afternoon, two young Swedish friends joined me for a trip to the Montañeta of the monk.

A taxi was ideal to get us to our Tenerife walking start point.

We caught a taxi from Panoramica Hotel Los Realejos to the Monasterio which takes about 10 minutes. We paid about EU 3,50 or EU 4,00. That was in 2005.

The girls were spell bound, when we got off the cab. They had not expected such a beautiful place in Los Realejos.

There was the so called most impressive Mesón Monasterio right at the start.

It's all built in the true Colonial style of Tenerife with thick white-washed walls, much timber and rustic decor.

Two restaurants are inside, one of which is on the first floor and for seafood. It can be reached by elegant wide stairs in its front.

Restaurante La Hacienda de San Pedro with its well on the right is on level ground. Its door with big brass hinges stood wide open. We had to go inside, before proceeding with any Tenerife walking in this park.

There, the ancient Monasterio wine cellar and a Bodega are a must see. They date back to the times of the founder of the estate. This was the so called Antonio the Gomeran monk with its Tenerife business skills which became a legend on the island.

We had to walk down stone steps to the Monasterio wine cellar which you reach from within Restaurant Hacienda de San Pedro from where it can be seen.

Here, you also face a tall wall with a huge mural painted on it.

That piece of art looks as if painted by a master with paints that have faded almost into pastels over a few centuries.

Then, last not least, our legs were heading towards the nature reserve to have our picnic. This is much loved for excursions for Tenerife walking by locals and tourists alike. We intended to leave all the other charming eating places with their porches and patios within this park for later or even, for another day. It's to be seen if it was possible for us to resist seeing some of it all.

Mary and Sedan were posing beside one of larger Monasterio eating houses near the beginning of the Realejos Park.

We climbed the tarmac road and had the first impression of the reserve. There were young Canary pines mingling with Aloes, Agaves, Papyrus, Agapanthus, Yuccas, Olive trees, Bottle brush bushes and much indigenous Tabaiba.

The never missing Tenerife cactus field would be found later in a more exposed section of the park. By the wayside, another different religious monument had been left behind by holy men. It made us take a pause. Then we continued with our Tenerife walking further up the hill..

Mary and Sedan loved each and every road side altar by the Monasterio and enjoyed posing by it.

Here, too, the view is magnificent. In fact, there is a different scenery everywhere at the park of the legendary monk.

Altars were very important on an island, such as Tenerife, where the going for men and beast was rough in the past. Even locals on a bus still make the sign of a cross when they pass any of the religious road icons. However, the altars are very small in rural areas.

Proceeding on foot at the Monasterio demands more efforts from the last road side altar onwards. The tarmac turns into a sand road. It winds up all the way to the top of the mountain. There, a small white chapel crowns its peak.

A lady whom I knew went there with her dog, often, She didn't mind to go any extra mile.

We saw a chicken. It rested nicely cushioned by plants under a palm tree. Some amazingly tiny gray and brownish birds were hopping around and chirped. They were next to the chicken.

I wondered if they were endemic.

A picnic break

We climbed a little towards the nature reserve the Montañeta (little mount) of the monk. We returned after deciding that the day was not young enough any more to continue uphill any further.

We didn't mean to overdo our Tenerife walking. We stopped on our right and unpacked our pick nick by a long wooden table with simple benches under dense shady trees.

My young companions from Sweden were hungry, indeed.

A farm zoo

Later, we entered a small gate and stepped down some stairs into a rather rural corner of the Monasterio farm grounds. We spotted ducks. They were swimming in channels which divided the grounds in an almost symmetrical grid. Chicken and their young were everywhere in this orchard with fat green lawns. Funny rabbits were hopping about.

We could hear a donkey. We saw the often peculiar looking black and white Tenerife goats but, no ponies were outside the stables, this time.

An orchard for the senses

We strolled under low hanging Lemons. Never, had the girls expected so much to enjoy by Tenerife walking. We saw Tenerife October Guavas that were not ripe, yet. Fig and Avocado trees had young fruit. Everything smelled so good. We marched on cobble stone path ways. You had to mind not to trip. Gold fish were in one pond and swans swam in another. We climbed onto an azotea (roof top)after we had turned left. So far Tenerife walkways on this day brought many new impressions.

A rooftop with views

From the azotea (roof top) we had a very nice view of la Vera and other areas that belong to the large region of la Orotava which is a dream for Tenerife walks.

A unique subtropical patio

We crossed the inside patio behind Casa de Rocio with its round wooden tables and crisp cotton table cloth. This indoor yard is an oasis of subtropical splendor with Tilandsia airplants clinging to palm trees. Geraniums are in earthen ware pots and Bougainvilleas are growing over a fence. Also ferns abound. People love to come here to eat the typical Conejo a la Salmonela which is a popular Tenerife rabbit dish. Yummy cakes and cold meats are also available as snacks.

The girls absolutely wanted to take a photo of me by the steps which leads to a Monasterio Fondue Restaurant.

More ahead to marvel at on our way home.

Then, we ventured down from the Monasterio towards Puerto de la Cruz by crossing the freeway and then on old La Vera road right and, left again. Then, all along the endless seeming Carretera las Arenas... ( road Las Arenas) There, the girls seemed to get tired when we had reached half way of our destination. That's when we turned right into Taoro Park, information and photos of which encounter here.

This relaxing beautiful oasis always lifts the spirits and we much enjoyed the rest of the journey.

It took us two hours on foot to reach Puerto de la Cruz from Monasterio Park. We caught a bus in Puerto to take us back home.

However, there is so much more to walking on the biggest Canary Island which find out by clicking here.

From Tenerife walking at and from the Monastery farm park back to Monasterio with links about this amazing place where culture is tops, about the legendary monk and more..

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