How are apartments in Puerto de la Cruz,
our children asked us? Did you find one,
was the other big question.

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We were looking at many apartments in Puerto de la Cruz in 1997.

Meantime, only their prices have changed by 2014.

This oldest resort of Tenerife was popular for tiny one room accommodations with kitchen and bath nooks, at the time.

In less than a week, we saw roughly a dozen of them. They included general Tenerife property for sale in surrounding areas of this town of North Tenerife.

Romantic harbor old port  El PuertoRomantic harbor Puerto de la Cruz
Reason being, the slightly crowded town of the romantic harbour with less than a surface of 9 square km and hardly more than 29 000 inhabitants in 2013 (32.571 as per INE 2010 and 31.349 at end of 2011) was more like a big village.


In fact, there can't be much space for big flats when a place has 3591 inhabitants per km2 as per sensus of 2011.

However, perhaps, living quality and not just size play a role too.

Usual size in Puerto's hub of a small apartment

Such a studio has seldom more than 29 m2, many of which are right in the hub of town in the following streets as well as their surroundings:

  • Calle Hoya
  • Calle Familia Bethencourt y Molina
  • Calle Venezuela near Lago Martianez and San Telmo beach
  • Avda. Melchor Luz near Playa Jardin

By the way, studios for sale at the apartment building of Palmeras Playa near the Puerto Cruz Rambla were bigger.

Puerto de la Cruz Rambla C/Aguila y Quesada by MartianezPuerto de la Cruz Rambla
This is also near Hotel San Felipe and Pyramides Martianez. However, what was available to buy needed renovations, while the building as such isn't exactly an elite place either.

This is also near Hotel San Felipe and Piramides Martianez. However, what was available to buy needed renovations, while the building as such isn't exactly an elite place either.

General price ideas as per 2014 compared to 1997

Roughly the prices for studios or apartments in Puerto de la Cruz have not changed much since 1997 due to the Recession.

A tiny 29m2 studio that set you back about € 35000 in 1997 may fetch about € 40000 now in 2014. One with about 40m2 may get an offer for € 52000 to € 65000 depending on its location, equipment, elevator, pool etc. Or count between € 1200 and €1500 as square meter price in Tenerife North.

Apartments in Puerto de la Cruz near the abandoned bus station

Very cheap studios are still on the market at a building called Edificio Sol Seguro. Its hotel flats at Calle Fernandéz Perdigón 6 resemble prison cells from outside. Many don't mind, as the location is very central and their tiny balconies get sun.

Slightly bigger places can be found about 10 - 20 minutes from the hub at San Fernando and San Antonio or even at the Bel Air sky rise on the bottom of Taoro Park.

Tenerife panorama Toscal Longuera by 6.p.m.Tenerife panorama Toscal Longuera

Adjacent towns like Los Realejos are so close; they had to be part of our holiday home in Tenerife search. However, the majority of the holiday havens we found were studios apart from a few studio apartments in Puerto de la Cruz which had a separate bedroom. Mini studios were numerous in Puerto's hub.

Why? Many a holiday home in Tenerife in this spot was up for sale in picturesque streets and is again now.

Calle la Hoya Puerto de la Cruz revamped in 2015Calle La Hoya Puerto de la Cruz
That’s lovely Calle La Hoya of the year 2013. This pedestrian zone has received a beautiful facelift in 2012 and 2013, by the way. Some of its parts used to be a bit noisy at night in 1997. They became quiet because of the Recession.

We found all sorts of Tenerife apartments on sale in this street and nearby. However, they were much too small for our liking. We were not interested. Sometimes, we didn't like a building, its location or a total lack of privacy.

In 1997, we didn't inspect any Tenerife holiday home accommodation for sale which was in one of the versatile hotels of Tenerife which often have aparthotels Discover a photo of a typical aparthotel at my article on luxury Tenerife apartments. There find offers of occasional property for sale.

By the way, many of their studios have beds inside cupboards.

By shop LaCoste Tenerife Calle Blanco Plaza del CharcoCalle Blanco at Plaza Charco
I must give credit to our real estate agents. They showed us much property which was available in a very helpful and professional manner.

The photo beside depicts Calle Blanca,
as it leads off Plaza del Charco. Calle Blanca also has a big Mercadona Supermarket up the road. An absolute convenience for flats of this location...
Residential property which included holiday homes were everywhere, there. Those which were used by their owners where usually nicer. Why? They more comfortable and better cared for.

One apartment in Puerto de la Cruz that we quite liked had a a beautiful garden and pool. However, some little things like the door of a lift made us wonder if the building was well looked after and maintained. This, by the way, is a topic I will deal with later.

Our holiday home hunt for apartments in Puerto de la Cruz went on.

parque san francisco corner c/quintana puerto de la cruzParque San Franciso Puerto de la Cruz
The photo above shows beautiful Calle Quintana with Parque San Francisco which is to become an Auditorio and museum. Residents of that street of one of the apartments in Puerto de la Cruz once complained about loud entertainment with live music. It came from Parque San Francisco, though.

The mayor's office put a stop to it.

By the way, don't buy or rent in Calle Quintana when you mind the ringing of church bells. The bell tower of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Francia isn't just decoration.

Inmobiliaria Internacional of Puerto Cruz Real estate agents where English is spoken showed us a potential holiday home of Tenerife which was slightly different.

What was it?

It was an apartment which was at 10 minutes by car from Puerto's center.

It was worth the extra mile to get there. It was a rather special property.

Best penthouse in Tenerife NorthBest penthouse in Tenerife Toscal Longuera
Learn all the secrets of our finally found holiday home Tenerife under the skies... ... Discover what price it would have fetched, had I sold it late in 2008, despite 'Recession'. People always wonder what apartments really went for when sold in 2008 or 2009.

By the way, you can buy very nice apartments in Puerto de la Cruz La Paz under similar conditions. Only, la Paz is very modern and not cheap at all.

We didn't want to spend big money for buying apartments in Puerto de la Cruz nor in La Paz. The latter had become a trendy elite suburb with views. It was constructed after an international astro-physics event in the Seventies when Europe's High Societey was enchanted with the location of La Paz. Unfortunately, the suburb's rather expensive holiday homes didn't quite fit our budget in 1997.

Now, the fun part of our holiday home hunt was over for us. Property documentation and pay day were due.

Buying in the name of the children would never have been an option in 1997. They were too young. Little did we also know that the the European Spanish property law would change in 2008 which first meant a big inheritance saving.

If you want to buy property in Puerto de la Cruz and want to avoid inheritance problems for loved ones, buy with "Uso fructu"...

Go from here to the oldie townhouse in La Orotava which once stood for traditional living in Tenerife, in case you haven't heard yet what happened to our friends Richard and Sonia.

From apartments in Puerto de la Cruz back to residential property in Tenerife.

Tenerife apartment in holiday resort Puerto de la CruzTenerife apartment Puerto de la Cruz

Special rental

Rent or buy this fully equipped Tenerife accommodation for quiet working from home by Puerto de la Cruz. It's in a well maintained holiday resort in superb location. The sales price is €62000

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