A friendship club in Tenerife of most elite clubs of Spain.

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The friendship club Circulo Amistades XII de Enero with its many floors in Santa Cruz surprises tourists by simply looking at it.

What does it hide?

This club or circle of friends has its origins way back in 1855 in different locations, such as calle La Noria which is the Tenerife party street with several important Tenerife clubs.

This Santa Cruz Tenerife friendship society's exclusivity is emphasized by its green metral plaque outside in Spanish..

Top facts regarding this elite Tenerife club of friendships.

  • Address: Santa Cruz of Tenerife.
    C/ Ruiz de Padrón,, 12 (Tel: 0034 + 922 246696) It's beside the Museum Museo of Belas Artes
  • Inaugurated in the above location in 1934 by fusing it with three similar clubs
  • National cultural events, such as folk dances and concerts
  • May, summer and Carnival festivals
  • National sports events, such as marshal arts, pelota, tennis, golf, soccer and swimming
  • Teachings for artisans of patriots and youth of the Middle class who may become selected members
  • 2nd-emperial-architecture Santa Cruz Tenerife Spain2nd emperial architecture at Santa Cruz Tenerife Spain.

    Make out the striking building of the most elusive Tenerife club for seeking friends in a higher society by the picture above. There, spot a little of the museum of the Beaux arts, as well.

    Most surprising Spanish architecture Santa Cruz?

    Indeed, it's not Spanish at all but, was built for Tenerife Spain.

    You are bound to notice this friendship club by its eclectic style of 2nd empire architecture. Many pillars, turrets and statues make up the front of this mansion. Plaster of Paris helped to mold cornices and countless outside building decorations. Grecian sculptures and pillars seem to carry the first floor of the stately house.

    The sculptures are by Edoardo Tarquis and Teodomiro Robayna.

    Its Grecian white paint contrasts sharply with the red facade of the opposite museum.

    This house with its many European flags is almost a landmark in the middle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It's by the capital's most important downtown shopping streets behind Plaza de los Principes with its tiny park and big church San Francisco.

    You may wonder, how this restricted club has been able to survive for one and a half centuries. Mind other famous clubs like that of the Free Masons didn't pass the test of time to enter the new millenium. Their gigantic temple looks like a ruin today which echoes better days.

    Hotel by Circulo de Amistades

    Needless to say is that friendship clubs like the one of Santa Cruz Tenerife with its more than 20000 members needs space to accommodate during events. Well, there is the hotel Principe Paz. It is almost opposite the club. Yet, the facade of the popular Sercotel Hotel Principe Paz looks so humble compared with that of the house of friendships.

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