Garachico harbor of now and before 1706.

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The Isla Baja of Tenerife received its Garachico harbor again on May 12 in 2012. It took roughly 300 years of waiting and 38 weeks of construction.

This new attraction and necessity for the town was built despite one of the island's major recessions...

Mooring capacity three years later in 2015

  • Limits reached with 180 vessels moored
    out of which a fluctuating mix of 160 yachts,
    68 fishing boats
  • 1 ferry
  • Space for 2 cruise ships
  • 10% of bays reserved for temporary stay contrary to the planned 20%.

The cruisers are still expected to come in order to help the town's economy.

The new title Puerto de la Villa de Garachico (Port of the town Garachico) is there to stay.

Historic and recent photos of Garachico harbor

In fact, the riches of more than a Tenerife era went with the destruction of the former port by the volcano Trevejo in 1706. This first and major harbor of the island used to be of great importance first for sugar and then for wine exports to both the Americas and to England. Malvasia was its most desired luxury wine.

Harbor amenities that are still needed

  • The multi function building worth 3,4 million euros
  • A service station
  • A dry dock

Garachico's new shelter for all kinds of boats is not big and neither is Garachico town with 5416 inhabitants as per census of 2008.

Location of the new Marina for vessels of Garachico

Reach it by a drive of 2 or 3 minutes from the ancient Fort of Garachico in northerly direction along the coast. The port is between the cliffs of El Guincho and Ermita de San Roque. Other rocks, i.e. those of Batán and Marta are there by the Bahia de las Aguas.

Where to sleep, eat, buy gifts and must walk in Garachico

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