Puerto de la Cruz carnival.

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Puerto de la Cruz carnival in Tenerife is indeed special in subtropical surroundings.

Today's best scenes are captured at the Costa Martianes where palms, dragon trees and many flowers abound.
    A few paces further on is also the spot of the town's street funeral parlor of the Sardine which see here.

Carnival  celebrations at the oldest Tenerife resort never really stopped.
    Don Francisco of the ancient Estanco by Puerto's little harbor said so to the Tenerife holiday home insider.

More beautiful Costa Martianez carnival photos.

Underneath, admire an enchanting former Carnival theme at Calle Zamora by the town hall.

Don Francisco also mentioned the classic car parade which was already a Puerto carnival feature,  way back last century.

Secret Puerto Carnivals?

We are told by Don Francisco that not all such masquerading events were behind closed doors. Not even after General Franco's law of 1936 that forebode all disguise in public... Happy street shows, such as the flower festivals, followed suite.
Also, related celebrations were staged inside the old Recova of Santa Cruz.

But that was in the capital, of course.

Don Francisco emphasized that his late photographer brother had quite a few carnival photos.

We may assume that they were from the Sixties when they represented the Winter Festivals. 

The images were lost later on, unfortunately.

Otherwise, the estanco owner has a good point, as there is also a known street Carnaval photo of 1920 of Cruz Santa which was captured before Franco's regime.

Modern photo gallery Puerto de la Cruz Carnival.

Depicted above are the 2017 international as well as the child carnival queen called Reina infantil in Spanish.

Tenerife history of Puerto's carnival.

Carnival parties were already the rage in the days of Puerto's wealthy Irish merchants. Besides, the Italian bankers introduced the Carnival masks to Tenerife which were so famous in Venice.

When a family joins the carnival parade

Nowadays, there are smaller families that join in to the parade fun. All are welcome, you know...

The German Puerto de la Cruz carnival alliance.

Returning immigrants from South America added the figurative killing of the Culebra snake from Cuba. This began in the Seventies when tourists started to arrive by air from Düsseldorf on Los Rhodeos airport. The German carnival alliance  followed suite, soon after.
     Those were also the days after Franco. Then, sponsors, such as local beer brewers, Loro Park and other business owners could afford to contribute financially.
     By the way, fraternities and march bands joined already in earlier decades. This was followed by the crazy vehicle rally event eventually.

Mascarita Ponte Tacon.

This idea of a mascarita with high heels was most probably another way of celebrating the Gay carnival of Las Palmas in the oldest Tenerife resort.

Later,  another carnival  Puerto Cruz event was added. That's a reality show competition where drag queens have to impersonate a pop singer.

A repeat of the summer carnival of Puerto de la Cruz 2016.

The celebration of the September Carnival in the island's oldest resort is meant to be a warm up for the main event of 2018. Also, it serves the public to vote for the new poster and have late summer fun.

Tenerife summer carnival 2017 Puerto de la Cruz news.

  • September carnival poster theme: A cockatoo
  • Official start: September 15, at noon at Loro Parque
  • Events where? Plaza Europa, Lago Martianez and San Telmo coast
  • 2nd event? September 15, Exhibitions of Carnival costumes,
    a small carnival parade and percussion workshops
    by the hotels H10 Tenerife Playa, Valle Mar and Las Vegas
  • Night event September 15? A Murga show by Los Bambones on Plaza de Europe at 9.p.m.
  • Saturday September 16? Night event at 8 p.m. gay parade Mascarita Ponte Tacon (no prizes)from Costa Martianez to Plaza de Europa
    followed by a "float" street party
  • Repeat activities: Carnival make-up workshops, kids disco dancing
    afternoon fanfares march music- and choreographic parades

About the Venice carnival more here.

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