Risco Bello Aquapark lends itself for more private excursions as well as for plant studies.

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Risco Bello Aquapark is a tea garden with bar and café with more than one landscaped lake.
It's in Taoro Park.

This park is not for water sports and water fun.

I am sure I read the expression Aquapark on the pamphlet Bernadette the
very elderly lady gave me.

The park is a very large property in this prestigious suburb Taoro, not even 1 km from the hub of Puerto de la Cruz the town to which it belongs. The land is sloping down facing La Paz and the Orotava valley on one side and the main resort town of Puerto de la Cruz on the other side. Taoro Park is a suburb of Puerto de la Cruz situated on a hill you may acces by Carretera Botanico or by Carretera Taoro near the landmark Bellevue Tower apartment sky scraper opposite Puerto's main Hospital Tamaragua.

You can also get to Bernadette's place via Calle Belgica in La Paz, by the way which might be a one way street from that direction, though.

Here you can see that it reads Jardin Aquatico which would mean aquapark translated in English because an aquatic garden is really unheard of. This signpost is hanging on left of Risco Belo gate in above photo.

Now, to Bernardette's water park:

The land of Risco Belo Taoro is sloping down facing La Paz and, the Orotava valley on one side and the main resort town of Puerto de la Cruz on the other.

Taoro Park is a suburb which is situated on a hill you may access by Carretera Botanico or, by Carretera Taoro near the landmark Bel Air Tower apartment sky scraper opposite Puerto's main Hospital Tamaragua.

Please, find more directions for getting to Risco Bello Waterpark from Puerto Cruz hub in Find Taoro Park.

The owner Bernadette who is an elderly Belgium lady is living there with other family members.

She took over the former large finca (farmstead) turned into park from her late mother. Yet again, it is very interesting to see here what may be done with fincas in Tenerife. Bernadette has turned a former finca ( farmstead) into a tea garden where also plants may be studied by the public.

How find the Risco Bello aquapark?

You wouldn't miss the Risco Bello partly tropical, partly subtropical water garden in Taoro Park. Many large signs by one of the side parking spaces of the former Casino Taoro point the way to Bernadette's beloved oasis.

The photo is showing Risco Bello Aquapark's upper level tea garden. You may have marvelous views from there towards Puerto de la Cruz and, la Paz.(a modern posh suburb of "El Puerto")

You may also have tea inside a garden pavilion that has a fountain as well. The fountain is covered in small white and, blue mosaic tiles.

The picture shows you shrubs in various shades of gray and, green by a pathway by the villa of the former finca. The shrubs are all in full bloom. Their flowers come in all variations of the rainbow. You see a table with chairs in the background on one of the lawns. Tall ever green trees are shading the private sitting place.

You may have coffee and, yummy cake or, fruit juices in the park in different places in the partly lush, tropical top garden.

When I strolled around the top garden at Risco Bello Aquapark last time, after having tea there, I came across 2 baby ducks with their mom in a little remote corner of the garden.

On the photo you may see the three resting on the lawn below incredibly lush beautiful palms in this tropical oasis.

The green of the vegetation is so strong you would think that you were somewhere in a tropical country. When coming in to the property you are facing a most enormous palm tree. I lived in Africa for a long time. Seldom have I seen such a big healthy lush palm.

Bernadette of Risco Bello Aquapark charged us EU 5 the other day for a large cup of continental coffee with yummy cheese-fruit cake with cream.

Please mind, that the place is rather exclusive. Perhaps too big crowds are not preferred to enter this semi private oasis.

In the photo beside is a beautiful, lone, black swan seen by the lake border with light green ground cover. This is just by the tea pavilion. Can you see the reflections of trees and bushes in the dark water?

Bernadette gives tours of the main water garden that is sloping down on terraces on one side of the estate. She takes EU 4 for entrance for adults and, EU 2 for children.

In the photo on your left is a friendly duck near people sitting next to the Risco Bello fountain. This is so typical with guests in this garden.

You may also notice the colors of the mosaic of the fountain decor and another couple enjoying a tea break under the trees. 

Bernadette has of course a good knowledge of poultry as well as of all the plants in her property.

The Risco Bello Aquapark lower section also includes kind of a cave walkway and, a Japanese wooden bridge going over a lake. The red bridge is striking. It goes very well with the green of the surroundings. What has surprised me is that even a Lala Palm may be discovered in her garden.

This is not one of the typical activity aqua parks in Tenerife. It's a special contemplation/study aqua park on the island.

However, you would have to go to Park Garcia Sanabria in the capital Santa Cruz. to see the largest botanical display or look at El Botanico which is a smaller show peace park in Puerto Cruz for anything from our globe that may grow in Tenerife.

All I may say is that the climate that is so favorable for all types of plants as seen in the Risco Bello Aquapark sure proves that the Taoro Park is real special for any holiday home in Tenerife.

Bernadette is giving us a true example of yet an other use of a finca (farmstead) that would not only serve as a beautiful, typical holiday home in Tenerife but, enjoyment for the public as well.

Note:I am not getting anything for my advertising Risco Belo Aquapark. Bernadette who is a very elderly lady wouldn't even show me the bottom of her park for free. She would also never buy any online advertising by a Search Engine. People that age just don't do that nor do most Spanish people in Tenerife. Fliers are the only accepted means of advertisement in gastronomy in Tenerife, really.

By the way, her prices at the bar and café might have gone up by now. I might have returned there with my dear friend who liked it so much but, Doris de Chiandussi passed away this year, suddenly, and her homepage and on line business went for the birds.

I wish we would have gone back together to Risco Bello Aquapark one more time because, she suffered so very much.

Please go from Risco Bello Aquapark to my page Taoro Park to see if the area may suit you for a holiday home in Tenerife.
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