Contribute toward real Tenerife Christmas spirit for a festival Tres Reyes Magos.

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Tenerife Christmas and Christmas spirit is on par with the meaning of this page, as you will see.

You are welcome to tell me if you have come across a better Christian attitude towards Spanish Christmas, so far.

Proper Christmas spirit may spring to mind in our troubled times since the 2009 Recession and much unemployment have started in the biggest Canary Island province of Spain.

Hotel Panoramica Garden of Los Realejos hotels shows a charming Christmas spirit, which see depicted with a snowman swimming pool area mirror image by the absolutely amazing photo on your right. So much to help tourism spirits for the festive seasons. But there is more...

Christmas in Tenerife is for tourists and locals

Therefore, take Los Realejos of Tenerife North as example of the most recommendable Christmas behavior.

Teachers of this town are not only encouraging their school children to make Christmas cards and gifts with recycled materials. Much more is done for a social spirit of the most prominent season of thanksgiving of the year.

Los Realejos encourages to keep up with the Spanish Christmas traditions of building the most beautiful nativity scenes. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ in its true Christmas sense. Prizes will be awarded to grown ups while young artists will receive diplomas.

Important social Christmas spirit campain

A yearly gift collection is organized by the Town Hall of the municipality of Los Realejos. It always starts early in December and ends just before the Spanish Christmas parade de los Reyes Magos on January 05.

Giving the Christmas plant with its splendid golden Christmas flowers in between red, pink and green leaves to friends is a nice gesture of Tenerife Christmas spirit but not enough.

Everybody is asked to help poor children to have a happy Tenerife Christmas on the day of the Three Kings Reyes Magos which is the proper, traditional Spanish Christmas day in Spain.

The honorable management of the Town Hall of Los Realejos doesn't want any kids to be without Christmas toys and feeling of goodwill during the coming holidays.

Please, hand in gift wrapped toy Christmas presents to the Town Hall...

Lady Noelia Gonzalez who is in charge of social welfare is asking you for educational toys from educational baby and toddler toys to preschool gifts, such as children books and even electronic gadgets which may educate.

Anything which may help the young ones to learn or to gain some art skills will be much appreciated but, please nothing old and broken...

Age of children who will benefit?

It will be for children between 0 - 12 years. This age group includes retarded kids, while some older brothers and sisters of the needy young ones shouldn't be totally forgotten either in the context of Christmas compassion.

There are 15 collection points of Los Realejos municipalities. However, it is probably best to bring the presents to the main Realejos town hall in Avda. Canarias, as I understand it.

Delivery times are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and also on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 6.30 p.m.

Additional initiative towards social Tenerife Christmas spirit

It's the most exciting event of the season for all the young ones and above all for the poor.
It's a mass event with a Cabalgata.

 It happens in the streets in the dark. The Reyes Magos arrive on their camels in all the island's municipalities. Decorated  vehicles are full to the brim with parcels that promise toys and the like. Cenicienta's coach was part of a magic Reyes Magos parade in Los Realejos last year. Disney and cartoon characters followed. The helpers of the sacred camel riders throw sweets to the kids. All  assemble by a manger with a life size nativity scene. Chanting and celebrating follows.  Children find their presents the morning after in their homes on January 06. 

Some Links in the context

See Los Realejos accommodation where hotels portray great Christmas traditions, while one of them which is hotel Maritim has the most spectacular New Years Eve fireworks at midnight at the same time as London UK.

Realejos Apartments to rent.

From Tenerife Christmas back to Los Realejos which is the most historical place of Tenerife apart from the capital Santa Cruz where the Christian cross set the balls of a new game in Spain history rolling.

The above Christmas spirit photo is complemented by Christmas pictures of La Orotava with traditional Spanish Christmas scenes, by the way.

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More information in Spanish about the social program by Los Realejos as an example for the island to help with the Christmas of the poor as well as the economy by spending €60000

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