White nights night fun now also in Puerto de la Cruz.

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White nights or Noche Blanca, as the Spanish say, are here to stay.

News 2015 for Noche Blanca Fiestas

That's how they are often called in Tenerife.

Note its life music event by Club Azucar on October 17, 2015 C/Obispo Pérez Cáceres (up the road from the Lago Martianez casino game machines ) tel: 682 286705 from 11p.m.to 1.30a.m. Entrance fee €3.

Puerto de la Cruz was going to host them on first Saturdays of the month. However, that never materialized. So usually it celebrates them in September or October every year.

October Noche Blanca and Fair for Women

For example, the third upcoming white theme event by Puerto de la Cruz was on October 12, 2013. More than 50 attractions were to be expected and close to 100 street shopping stalls. An eco art fair had also been scheduled for day time hours at the Anglican church of Taoro Park where new stalls by ladies with innovative alternative ideas were most welcome. Call 922 81 40 39 0r 620 683 407 to find out what's on now.

Just imagine yourself dressed up all in white like for a big fairy party of elves, such as in the lord of the rings. Why? The dress up code demands white clothes for this fantasy night of Puerto de la Cruz.

All fun, such as Noche Blanca or Plenilunio is in the mind and you make it a success, you know...

What about 2015?

Puerto de la Cruz will celebrate it on October, 17.

Tenerife history of Noche Blanca event so far.

The festivals of the white night were celebrated in other Tenerife towns, too. Originally, they were introduced for promoting more arts and culture, such as museums and art exhibitions.

The theme of the event comes from Nancy France to also help business by having shops open after dark. Even Moscow followed suite.

Tenerife's student town pioneer for white nights.

La Laguna the university town was the first to introduce them in Tenerife.

Puerto de la Cruz was inviting to take part in all night fun until after midnight at 2 a.m. on September 17.

What were its attractions?

Kiddy pony rides by Plaza del Charco by the picturesque old harbor were on the agenda. So were expect fashion shows by San Telmo and classic car shows at Plaza de Europa. Rock concerts, South American dancing in white outfits, an arts fair for mainly crafts by Calle Quintana and much more were planned.

Swimming at night and shopping till you drop?

Even the Lido Martianez Tenerife was to have open doors for night excitement by its lake.

Of course, most shops in the Tenerife resort Puerto Cruz would serve you until the early hours of September 18th, but probably not for everything.

Full moon nights in white at Tenerife's capital.

12 yearly open shop nights with music and sports at full moon once a month, dedicated to white are on the Tenerife capital Santa Cruz Agenda for 2013.

Plenilunio in Santa Cruz of September 21, 2013 was scheduled to be a special night. However, the capital was literally going the extra mile. Guided tours at important museums and art centers which also included La Recova exhibitions were planned with lanterns to complement the full moon. Imagine to see the Guanche mummies under such spooky conditions... Also, the Museum of Man and Nature offered cheap drinks and tapas which were prepared by its renown museum chef Armando Saldaña. The 5,2 km full moon City Marathon accepted all age groups. €6.bought admission. 902 364 603 could be called for ticket sales of €3 for guided tours at the Teatro Güimerá.

More info could be obtained at Sociedad desarollo.

What happened at Plenilunio?
How did it go?

Did Plenilunio's the full moon party night make any difference to its Tenerife business?

Indeed, it did and a new full moon night festival has also been set for 2015.

What's got Puerto Cruz to do with the above?

It may be expected that Puerto de la Cruz may follow in the foot steps of the innovative night activities of the capital to attract even more people to come to celebrate the naturally lit night skies. Other Tenerife towns may also add their own ideas. In fact, Puerto Cruz announced its first guided tours for the white night event on the first Saturday of October 2013.

From white nights back to Puerto de la Cruz.

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